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Best TaxAct Alternatives

Overview of TaxAct

TaxAct is the replacement for Form 1040EZ, short and simple version of filling out your federal and state tax.

This also made one of the parents of our schoolmate very very happy. Because her father is all of them. She said, she finally got her dad to start filing their taxes online. She was very embarrassed when he was filling their taxes in his room with his calculator and a huge stack of tax papers. He has said that he’s tired of calculating the taxes, so he has switch to e-filing.

TaxAct is also one of the less known online tax filing services, but they might have a good chance to come up in the future, because they have provided a very affordable price.

We had tried TaxAct years ago when we needed to file for our parents, and we have been satisfied with its pricing and service.

It’s also better that they provide the necessary tools for us to look back and see our tax records, so we know the amount of our refund and how much we have being taxed during the year.


As a tax expert, I get a lot of questions about tax software. For customers with simple returns and no investments or rental properties, there are good alternatives to TaxAct.

Here is a list of tax software that you might consider when shopping for your tax software. They are all pretty much the same price as TaxAct.

AARP Tax-Aide

All of these services will do a good job and impose a minimal learning curve. You will need to spend a little more than on TaxAct for a complete solution. My recommendation for the