The 14 Best New Small Business Ideas and Opportunities to Start Today

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{1}. Holiday Decor and Party Rentals
{2}. Online Sports Betting
{3}. Video Streaming & Social Media Promotions
{4}. Pool Cleaning Service
{5}. Online Tutoring Platform
{6}. Cake House
{7}. Wedding Photography
{8}. Furniture Rentals
{9}. Entrepreneur in Residence
{10}. Dog Walker Service
{11}. Contractor
{12}. Couple’s Massage Therapy
{13}. Mobile Car Wash
{14}. Drop-off Laundry & Dry Cleaning
{15}. Employ Me Plus
{16}. Life/Work Balance Coaching
{17}. Ebay flipping
{18}. Digital & Audiobook Publishing
{19}. Holiday Decor and Party Rentals

Friends and family are coming over and you’ll need to make sure that your house is looking its best! Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or a summer BBQ, you should have everything you need on hand for holiday party decorations and holiday party decorations or large areas to cover like feasts, raves, booths, stages, all of which need holiday decorations. These can include lighting, stands, and bar tools to rent, plus, canopies, tarps, and even portable showers.

Online SportsBetting

14 business ideas for you to get started on today

Here are 14 Best New Small Business Ideas for you to get started on today! It is a really great list of business ideas for you if you’re thinking just becoming a doctor is the only career option for you, a computer programmer, or someone with an average education.

You will find that it is really easy to do most of these business ideas as they are not complicated and will take a lot of time to set up.

They are truly the Best New Small Business Ideas to start today for those looking to start small, online, businesses.

This list of business ideas are our best recommendations for you to start your own business right now!

We started all or most of the businesses on this list in 2014. Although we still only make a part time income from some of our Niche sites, we started most of these and make a full time income from them today.


The sharing economy that was only limited to car-sharing has risen with many startups in the recent years. And with Uber and BlaBlaCar routes become more and more available, there is a way for you to make money out of them. Now there is a promising startup called Wundercar and it’s bringing Uber-like and BlaBlaCar-like routes for the small business community in Australia.

They collected information from around 8000 registered small businesses and also provided a map where you can find out little to no waiting times to get the goods delivered from that business to your home. Everyone from the ones who are having difficulties with their business can use this service to give them extra profits, and also many more will be drawn into these services. It’s a system well designed and maintained for the ease of use for both the customers and the small business owners.

Financial planner

Everyone wants to protect their pet, but not everyone can afford all the excellent pet coverage offered by some animal insurance plans.

A startup could partner with a pet insurance company to help a large number of people protect their most loved pets, while making a nice profit for itself.

This business could provide a monthly management fee for people who need help prioritizing and paying bills and other expenses based on their pet’s needs.

The insurance company and the seller would work together to decide what rate to charge.

Insurance agent


  • It is always a profitable field, and you will definetly make a steady profit
  • You can choose yourself who you want to insure and what amount you want to charge them
  • Many insurance companies go on holidays and you can serve multiple insurers like a single one
  • You can start with a small capital and make it grow slowly over the years
  • It is not hard to find a job

Freelance writer

It’s tough to make it as a freelance author. If you want to break into the freelance writing industry, you’re going to have to dust off your creative writing skills and learn how to handle rejection. But if you’re hoping to make penning articles your full-time gig or if you want to have a part-time income on the side, you still have a good chance of success.

According to the latest survey of writers by the Authors Guild, more than half the writers surveyed were working on a freelance basis. The demand for freelance writers is only going to increase as virtually all media companies are cutting down on staff and using freelancers to help them meet their deadlines.

Here’s the good news: You don’t need a college degree or even much experience to write for a living. The truth is that the skills that make you a good writer are the same ones you mastered in school, such as critical thinking and grammar. These foundational skills will serve you well as you try to make your way as a freelance writer.

Make and Sell Clothes

Although you can buy clothes from a department store or off the rack from a specialty shop, it might be more fun to start sewing your own clothes.

Sewing your own clothes is an affordable hobby. Not only do sewing machines cost a fraction of what they did 20 years ago, but since you’re making your own clothes, you can choose your favorite fabrics and add custom details that aren’t available in commercial clothing. And since clothes made from your own design are unique, you can easily sell your creations at an affordable price.

If you can sew basic stitches, you can start sewing clothes. If not, find a friend who sews or a sewing class that offers a crash course on sewing basics. This will help you get familiar with the sewing machine and the basics of sewing. And once you’re comfortable with sewing basics, consider investing in a sewing machine.

Sewing services are in demand these days. If you sew slowly, you can offer custom sewing. If you sew quickly, you can offer a faster turnaround. Depending on your sewing skill level and how quickly you can finish a project, decide how much you want to charge for a particular customized design. This will help you decide how many clothes you can produce.

Say cheese

There are few professions you can go into and still make a living without needing to spend huge amounts of cash or work crazy hours. That’s why a career in photography has steadily risen in popularity over the last few years.

Baby or dog sitting

Can you take care of something other than yourself? And by this we don’t mean go to the gym. If so, baby- and pet-sitting are always good business ideas to start. Check out this pricelist for a pet sitter. This can be a good business if you’ve got the time to learn how to give quality care while avoiding injury.

Virtual assistant

Freelance work, such as writing, editing, or data entry, is the most common virtual assistant job. If you have decent communication skills, this is a good way to start if you don’t want to manage any staff, just do the work yourself.

Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is a rapidly growing task that brings clients a lot of profit. Whether you want to work with a local business or international brand, you can freelance as a social media manager.

This position offers the biggest variety, in terms of geography, payment strategy, and success. If you get a client from an international market, you can ask for global payments or alternatively, you can work only with that particular client.

Depending on the industry, the influencers, and the competition, you can charge any fee you want and you can set your own working hours.

Appraisal service

As the real estate market boomed in the early 21st century, many home and business owners balked at the large fees paid to appraisers to ascertain the value of a property.

The appraiser’s opinion about the value of a property is used to determine the amount a bank will loan on a property or to place a property on the market at a set price.

In response to the large fees, online appraisal services popped up on the scene, offering online reports that provide estimates of property value. Although the appraisers have not replaced full physical appraisals, they’ve certainly provided homeowners and business owners with a low-cost alternative to paying large fees.

If you could invest a little time to learn the trade, you could start an appraisal service in your area. The Internet is one of the best places to learn the trade, and you could charge a good price for your services based on your rate of accuracy.

Today, mobile phones with high resolution cameras are becoming increasingly common. This means you’d need to invest in equipment to allow you to capture high definition shots and upload photos from your listing to the appraisal service.

Consulting Service

As businesses get their feet under them, they often get stuck as they try to scale up, outgrow their walls, and expand.

That is where an external consultant comes in to help — to get businesses going or get them into the next phase. A business consultant doesn’t just have a bag of tricks and advice to present to businesses. A business consultant has a deep knowledge of business from a business-person’s perspective. This knowledge can help business-people become more effective in their business, and to expand it.

It’s a tautology, but it’s worth repeating: Consultants consult. They help as a third party. They can serve as a check and balance for business leaders. They can operate at arm’s length from the business. They can be objective. They can be outside experts. And their recommendations are just recommendations: They don’t give you scripts or formulas. They help you solve your problems, not someone else’s.

Slip into the role of consultant. Learn the perspective of consulting. Think how you could use what you know to help others better achieve their business goals. Educate yourself about consulting. Survey the market to see if there is a need for the kind of knowledge that you have.

Start a Blog

A blog can be set up in anywhere from 1 hour to a day and running it is very cheap. Entry costs are low and yet, if your blog is well done, it can generate high levels of traffic.

This is one of the easiest small business ideas to start and it has been one of the most lucrative over the years. The number of blogs created each day is higher than ever and yet many of them are rarely explored. This means there is a big niche for new blogs.

If you have a passion that you’re willing to share through writing, then a blog is a great way to do it. In fact, based on some figures, 50% of all blogs are abandoned after just 14 days. However, there are still a lot of people entering the blogging world, and there’s a lot of motivation and money to be made out of it.


Cutting hair for others is a service that’s in high demand, whether you like it or not. It can be a part-time job for students or a reliable source of full-time income for the rest of us.

These days, there are two ways to go about being a hair stylist. You can either rent a booth at a hair salon or rent a room to set up your own beauty parlor. For those interested in hair styling as a side business, attending cosmetology school as a non-degree student is ideal.

For those who are interested in hair styling as a part-time or full-time business idea, there are plenty of opportunities that go beyond cutting hair and styling straight hair. Styling curly hair, for instance, is a specialized skill that will set you apart from other hair stylists.

Fashion styling is another option, especially for those who love fashion, design and makeup. Some advanced stylists can also design custom hairpieces for their clients, which can dramatically boost their average hourly rate. They may also offer clients makeup, nail art, tanning, or even show them how to do their makeup.

If you have more of a business mind than creative mind, you can still grow your hair styling business by offering your clients a special experience or personal service. For instance, you could double as a makeup artist or wedding hair stylist.

Start a Franchise

Starting a franchise is an excellent small business idea and a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start running their own company. Franchises come with a proven business model that reduces the risk of failure and gives you access to established brand and marketing strategies.

Many franchisors offer low-cost franchise packages that can get you started with little or no investment. Franchises have great earnings potential and most owners earn a six-figure income.

Your Next Small Business Opportunity

This article discusses from various angles your opportunities in the small business arena today and in the coming years.

It gives you a brief rundown of the most likely opportunities over the next decade and provides you with direction as to where capital and resources should be applied towards new business possibilities in a potentially new age of business.

It’s a big question that most entrepreneurial minded people have asked themselves at least once in their lives – "What kind of small business should I start?" Here are some excellent suggestions on new small business ideas and opportunities to consider as you formulate your business plan and take your first steps towards the next business adventure.

Internet related small business

Accessing the internet and your business opportunities are the new business plans. The internet has spawned an amazing array of opportunities for you to explore and exploit. Take for example, this web site. It is advertising some small business blogging course opportunities. It’s a niche market that is a long time in the making. Now that it’s here, it’s time to be one of the first in your niche and go for the gold!

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