The 8 Best Tax Relief Companies When You Need Help

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Most Important Factors When Choosing a Tax Relief Company

Although tax season is behind us, many people are still receiving notice of potential changes to their tax return. Some of these notices are just routine, but others are important. Before making a decision, work out what is the best tax relief company based on your circumstances.

The Best Tax Relief Companies of 2022

Even if you pay someone to prepare your taxes each year, it is important to know which companies prepare taxes and which companies provide tax relief services.

Tax relief services are those companies that give taxpayers the help they need to reduce or eliminate the amount of taxes they have to pay. They help taxpayers get the money they need to keep their big home or to pay off the debts they have.

Tax relief companies also help people find those loopholes to help them not pay as much taxes as they have to and possibly even get some of their taxes back.

These companies support three different taxes. Corporate income taxes, payroll taxes, and individual income taxes. The main point of tax relief companies is to save the average citizen money on taxes.

Tax relief companies specialize in the three major types of taxes mentioned above, but they also have different services they specialize in depending on the individual needs of the client. Tax relief companies can help with much more than just tax problems. They can also help find loopholes and negotiate on things for their clients to try and get their tax bills lowered or even eliminated.

Tax relief companies help relieve taxpayers of all three major taxes that they may be paying on a regular basis to the federal or state governments. They are dedicated to helping taxpayers find ways that they can be more efficient in the way they file their taxes and using those ways to help the taxpayers save money.

Which Companies Didn’t Make the Cut

For the Best Tax Relief?

For the most part, the companies don’t score terribly low. However, there are a few with results that seem to not jive with the track records and ratings of the other preparations.

H&R Block. H&R Block is the largest tax preparation company around and one of the best for online filers who want to file their taxes with no additional fees. They are also very experienced at the desktop version for those who live in a less tech-savvy area. However, a unique qualification for working for Block is an education that leads to a degree, which may lead to an underreporting of education benefits. Also, this could lead to a significant hit for some grads, potentially due to the hassle.

Boyd’s. Boyd’s pricing is not that great, and the service is a bit less than stellar, but the hassle factor is minimized by making it easy to find and file your taxes. Like other online-only services, you get to prepare the taxes in a separate online account before finalizing and sending them to the IRS. While it’s a good option if time is a factor, it also makes it easy for you to fudge a number here and there.

Reviews of the Best Tax Relief Companies

When taxes come due, don’t do it alone. There are scores of firms offering all sorts of services to help Americans face their government and the IRS head-on.

The IRS has a comprehensive list of the different types of tax relief companies that you should have in your arsenal. It’s called Publication 556, and it’s still a good place to start. But if you can find a smaller, more focused list, it would be worth paying the fees to consult a professional company. They’re ready to help.

Here are two of the most trusted list of tax relief companies that you can turn to when the taxman comes knocking.

Community Tax

In most states, you have to pay state income tax, either as a resident or as a nonresident. You also have to pay local property taxes. When you have to pay taxes, many of us struggle to figure out how to pay them or to get the tax money together. Luckily, there are companies that can help and provide a lot of benefits.

Tax relief companies are in the business of helping people handle their taxes. There are many benefits to utilizing these companies, but there are also some things to watch out for.

Here are the 8 best tax relief companies to help you file your taxes.

Anthem Tax Services

Are you dreading doing your taxes? It doesn’t have to be that way! The tax software from Anthem is user friendly and allows you to file your own taxes. It includes automatic data transfer from your previous year’s income tax filing. Includes free federal e-file.

Optima Tax Relief

Reviews: See Reviews, Find Discounts and Save Money

Optima Tax Relief is one of the best tax relief companies that you can depend on to help you get tax relief.

Here are some of the reviews of people who have partnered with Optima Tax Relief:

  • Optima Tax Relief Reviews
  • Here are some reviews that Optima Tax Relief have received from their customers and clients
  • Vipul rai
  • An efficient service, my taxes were done before the estimated time
  • Taxfiesta

I have got my refund way before the promised time. My work was done with perfection. I am glad that I chose taxfiesta


I had very good experience when I filed for my taxes with Optima Tax Relief. When I had a problem with my taxes they were very quick to respond to my requests and helped me fix all the issues.


The Optima tax relief team was very eager to help and spent hours on the phone with me. They showed me ways to reduce my tax liability. Now I am saving thousands of dollars thanks to them.


There are many tax relief companies selling tax relief packages. Optima Tax Relief are one of the authentic and legitimate organizations involved in this business.


This Tax Relief Company saved me a lot of money. I am very happy with the services that I have been provided.

Tax Hardship Center

If your filing extension was denied, or if you haven’t filed in a while and you can’t get your tax return prepared, you should contact the Tax Hardship Center. They may be able to help you file a return if it is past due.

The Tax Hardship Center can help you file a return or apply for an extension:

  • If you can’t pay your taxes because you have lost a job or suffered some other hardship
  • If you’re behind on your mortgage
  • If you are regulated by the IRS for some reason (insolvency or foreign financial interest, for example)

To the IRS, hardship means something different in each of these cases. To the IRS, you may be eligible for tax relief if:

You lost a job, you were self-employed or experienced a reduction in business income due to some unforeseen event, like a national economic downturn.

You are suffering because of an illness or injury.

You are caring for a disabled or dependent family member.

You filed your return and you have money in an IRA or 401(k) retirement plan placed in an IRS-approved hardship distribution account.

Victory Tax Lawyers

Providing Clients With Excellent Service and Advice

When you go to an accountant, tax lawyer and tax relief company, what can you expect to get for your money? The answer depends on the size of the company as well as the type of tax problem you’re facing.

A small company, even if it has a reputation for excellence, may not be able to provide you with the same level of service that a larger company can provide.

Nevertheless, there are some basic qualities that the best tax lawyers, company and accountant share. They’re: knowledgable, well-connected, affordable, prompt, and trustworthy. Here’s what you should expect from them:

  • Well-Connected
  • Sustainable
  • Credible
  • Knowledgable
  • Affordable

Urgent Tax Help

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re suddenly unable to pay your taxes, you’re not alone. In fact, many people even find themselves filing income taxes late. The IRS is well aware of how stressful the end of the tax season is and is willing to help you out if you find yourself in a bind. So if you’re looking for tax assistance, you don’t have to worry too much.

The first thing you should do is just file your return as soon as you can. Filing your return and requesting an extension gives you some time to get yourself together. It also gives you a chance to receive a tax extension from the IRS. It’s important to note that this extension is only on your filing and not your payment.

Complete Tax Debt

A Complete Tax Relief Company is one that provides support for every facet of your tax debt. They will work directly with you and your creditors to develop a coordinated plan. They will also provide you with expert sales and collection advice to help you make your business financially stable. This agreement should include a payment plan that takes into account any remaining bills, outstanding payments, and any future projected income.

The amount of time it will take to repay your debt will depend on how much income you are able to generate, how much debt you can pay off, and how fast you can get back on your feet.

Landmark Tax Group

I was super impressed with the customer service I received! Thanks to the wonderful lady on the phone, I now have all the paperwork filed!

I was very nervous to call and ask questions. She was very knowledgeable and reassured me everything would be filed correctly by letting me know the information was due by Feb 15th.

Thank you for providing better customer service than the IRS offers.

Excellent service from the ***** ****** on the phone who helped me. I will file with this service from now on.

This was the best experience i have ever had. I have received help from another tax preparation service and the representatives are rude and have horrible communication skills. The Landmark employees are the complete opposite. This is the best experience i have ever had when dealing with a business. Way to go Landmark!!!!

We want to thank all of you for your kind words! It was truly our pleasure to have the opportunity to handle your tax situation (s).We truly strive to give our clients a unique and personalized experience.

We thank you and hope you continue to use us as we look forward to your referrals and to the opportunity to serve you again this upcoming tax season. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make Landmark Tax Services one of the best tax preparation companies in the United States.

What You Need to Know About Tax Relief

Getting help to complete your tax return can be a daunting process. After all, it’s hard enough for some to grasp the ins and outs of taxes, let alone complete them online or by hand! However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are some tax relief companies that you can go to for help.

Some of the services tax relief companies provide include:

  • Helping you complete your tax return via the mail and electronically
  • Helping you arrange to have your taxes completed electronically and e-filed
  • Helping you find immediate issue resolution for tax questions
  • Helping you with tax audit and collection assistance
  • Helping you reduce your tax liability by training you in proper tax filing procedures
  • Helping you with other area of business and schooling processes
  • Helping you with obtaining qualified status by teaching you about industry-specific tax knowledge requirements
  • Helping you with tax-related education topics that will help you grow your business

How We Chose the Best Tax Relief Services

The process involved in determining the best tax relief services isn’t the easiest. First, we compiled a list of over 150 tax organizations and tax preparation services. Based on the types of services they offer, these companies were placed into 4 different categories: Tax Preparation & Software, Tax Relief, Refund Anticipation Checks, and Tax Tips & Advice. Each of these subcategories is then further divided into categories based on their own unique criteria.

The subcategories considered with each tax relief category were as follows:

Tax Preparation: Distance from Home, Free Consultation, Audit Support, Price, and Cooperation Rating.

Tax Relief: Enrolled Agents, Capital Gains, Refund Monitor, Refund Transfer, Tax Deferral, and Refund Anticipation Checks.

Tax Tips And Advice: In-Person Tax Seminars, In-Person Tax Appointments, Outreach Events, Free Tax Return Assistance,

Refund Anticipation Checks: Visa Credit Card Processing Fees, ATM Fee, ACH Fee, and Required Advance Payment.

Refund Anticipation Checks: Visa Credit Card Processing Fees, ATM Fee, ACH Fee, and Required Advance Payment.

Free Consultation

Free tax preparation is the most basic type of tax related service. In this service, you will generate your tax return yourself. Generally, you will have to submit relevant tax forms and receipts to the tax preparer for proper calculations.

In general, income preparation, tax filing and tax payment are not the same. In fact, filling and filing taxes are different things from paying taxes (in a future period). For example, filing taxes in the U.S may be the responsibility of a person. On the contrary, an employer may be responsible for paying taxes on behalf of an employee, such as social security and health care taxes.

The list of free tax assistance service providers is expanding. These are the best rated companies who offer free, no obligation, comprehensive tax help. It may include preparing your taxes, flexible payment options, free representation before the IRS or state tax agency or any other IRS problems.

Note: This service is generally available to very low income or no income households. They are available in communities of Detroit, MI, Muskegon, MI and Flint, MI. To claim your free service, you should visit the websites of these companies. All the services provided by them are free of charge.

Money-Back Guarantee

You have enough going on throughout the post-tax-season. You need a tax relief company that is going to make it as painless as possible to get your refund in your hands as quickly as possible.

The best tax service companies have several guarantees in place for their customers, including:

  • Guaranteed turnaround time
  • Worry-free filing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you have concerns about your tax situation for the upcoming year, speak to a tax professional to help.

Reputation and Reviews

One of the best-established companies in the business is H&R Block. Founded in 1955, H&R Block is now the largest provider of tax services in the United States and the worldwide market leader in tax software. Its tax professionals prepare approximately 30 million tax returns per year. H&R Block is a highly respected business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Competition between the leading tax preparation companies is fierce, but H&R Block has an edge when it comes to reputation and reviews. According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, H&R Block is the highest-rated tax preparation company in the nation, receiving an overall satisfaction rating of 76.5 out of 100 possible points. In addition to its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, H&R Block has been named in the Top 5 of Forbes magazine’s “America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.”

The bottom line is that you can feel confident leaving your tax preparation to this respected, well-established company.

Summary: The Best Tax Relief Companies of 2022

For many people taxes represent a truly terrifying period, often came across as a moving obstacle, harmful like a smog. But since it is an inevitable part of our life, it is necessary to take into account further savings.

Many people pay their taxes using the tax refund. This money is earned by the successful activity of both companies specializing in the area of accounting, and companies who help individuals with customs declarations.

Accounting companies, in turn, offer a large number of services. For example, utilizing their techniques one can treat their own income better, assigning it to someone else. Also, they can conduct a search for loopholes in the taxation system of the country.

If these techniques seem difficult, one may take advantage of the services of the companies that help with the tax declaration.