The Top 16 Careers for the Future

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Human Services

Personal Care Aid

Personal Care Aids work in facilities that provide care for those who cannot maintain a clean, safe and comfortable home environment on their own. These are places where residents may require assistance with activities such as dressing, grooming and eating.

Personal Care Aids clean the home, do laundry, and prepare meals. They may also assist with personal hygiene, including bathing, dressing, or other daily needs. Some very minor medical duties, such as checking blood glucose levels, may be performed.

Information Technology (IT)

Medical Professionals

The medical profession is one of the most popular and fastest growing professions in the world. In the U.S alone, over 10 million people hold one of the many careers in this field. As the population of the U.S grows older, there will be a large increase in the demand for medical professionals. For instance, the number of nurses in the U.S is expected to grow by over 40% within the next eight years.

In addition to the high demand for medical professionals, new technologies will drive demand for medical professionals in the future. Artificial hearts, artificial limbs, implants, and gene therapy will help prolong life and reduce disabilities. Technology will also increase the demand for medical technologies, particularly in the high-tech and computer industries.

Registered Nurse (RN)

The need for registered nurses will continue growing as the population ages and as treatments for conditions that have often been fatal become routine. For example, with the increase in diabetes, more people will require nightly monitoring to avoid serious complications.

Work at Home Opportunities

Management Positions

Landscaping and Design

In an attempt to build greener, more sustainable homes and communities, the demand for landscaping and design careers has grown tremendously.

Many young designers and architects are choosing to get a specialized degree in environmental design in an effort to make the world a better place. These individuals are not only making a living improving the environment, they’re creating a legacy for future generations.

Travel and Tourism

Health and Fitness

The 21st Century will be one of the most challenging eras to be a human. The future is almost completely uncertain just over the horizon and the vast majority of people are not prepared for the road ahead. The time for everyone to take personal responsibility for their lives has certainly arrived.

The future is in control of the abilities of the people who will inhabit it. Educate yourself in any one of a dozen related fields and prepare yourself to meet any challenge. If you make the choice to become more self-sufficient, you will have the opportunities to carve out a career in any one of the jobs on our list that we predict will dominate the future.

Web Site Design

Employment of web developers is expected to grow by 20% from 2012 to 2022. Web developers are in the front line of those who define the future of a web site. If you want to help your organization be successful in meeting its objectives and you like to create and improve new ideas, you may be able to develop a great career in web development. Below are five of the top reasons why web development is a great career of the future.

Transportation Careers

Becoming a transportation professional guarantees long-term employment. That’s partly because there will always be more vehicles being built and other transportation technology being developed. Here are a few careers to consider based on how you like to travel and how much time you want to spend on the job.

Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters Work on the Train Tracks

Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight Engineers captain airplanes.

Train Conductors and Yardmasters Work on the Train Tracks

Marine Engineers operate, repair, and maintain equipment on ships and onboard marine systems.

Flight Attendants

Flight nurses provide emergency care in the air.

Air Traffic Controllers

Traffic controllers make sure aircraft don’t crash into each other.

Railroad Conductors and Yard Masters

Train conductors make sure the train leaves the station at the right place and heading the right direction.

Retail Positions

Retail sales positions are projected to be one of the fastest-growing careers in the upcoming years. This is particularly true for the retail sector, where stores are adding more full-time workers in response to online competition. However, not all jobs in the sector are growing and growth will vary with the industry. The food services industry, for example, is expected to add 115,300 new jobs, while the entertainment and travel services sectors are predicted to lose 33,700 jobs.

The retail industry is a good option for workers looking for part-time or seasonal work. At the same time, many retailers are still new enough to be small- to medium-sized businesses that value personalized customer service. Retail workers can expect salaries that are generally lower than the overall jobs market, but with greater potential for bonuses and free meals.

Retail workers need lots of energy and enthusiasm. In addition to stocking and selling merchandise, they also take part in in-store activities like fixing displays, arranging items for sale, and selling merchandise online.

Construction and Trade Jobs

Construction jobs are projected to grow by 18 percent in the next ten years, so it’s a good bet to have.

The mix of manual labor and the ability to spend time outside may put you at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to indoor office work. But if you’re planning to stay outdoors most of the time, this could be the route for you.

Construction workers are also in high demand, which is why salaries are typically quite high.

Administrative Support Positions

Administrative support positions are excellent for people who want to work in one place for a long time and stay out of the spotlight. As the economy increasingly relies on technological advancements, administrative support is a career that will always be in demand. That means that the level of expertise you demonstrate in support technology can potentially set you up for a six-figure salary.

A career as an administrative support specialist requires moderate skill, dexterity, and judgment. You need to have strong customer service and management abilities. You also need to be familiar with social media, keeping up with the constant flow of information that comes with it. You don’t need to worry about a high-stress environment with this job … your ability to multitask is built into the job. You’ll also need to have a fairly rigid schedule. It’s not an office where you can wear a black suit instead of a white one, and sit at a desk without doing anything.

Financial Services – My job!

Personal Finance will be a major job focal point over the next several decades. Within the financial industry, people who work in banking, insurance, and money management will be in very high demand.

Many bankers, insurance agents, stockbrokers, financial advisors, and mortgage brokers started their careers as accountants.

Even if you aren’t sure about your career choice, getting your CPA is a safe bet.

For millennials, attracting and pleasing their employers is top priority as they enter the job market. The days of feeling loyalty to your employer are gone…people no longer work for a company or a boss, they work for a career.

Because of this shift, Gen-Y workers are moving from job to job every two to three years, seeking peaks in growth.

To get one of these high-paying jobs, you need to start preparing early. And accounting is an excellent way to do that, with the added benefit of dealing with numbers.

As a reward for all that education, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects accountants to increase 20 percent by 2022.

Best Career For Your Future

It’s always good to plan out your future, as doing so helps you chart a course that will lead you to a positive and successful life. One way to lay out your path is to think about the jobs of the future. That way, you can work toward choosing a career that will be a good match for your talents, interests, and values.

The good news is that many jobs are exceptions to the rule, and many of these are very difficult to automate entirely. At the same time, these jobs may change over time and become something very different than what it is now.

Here’s a look at some of the jobs that are shaping up to be the best careers for your future.