Experian Boost™ Review | Give Your Credit Score a Boost

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How Experian Boost™ Works

Experian Boost™ is a compilation of tools and information that will help you recover from a bad credit score so that you can get one step closer to a great credit score.

The website includes a lot of helpful resources that are a great tool for understanding credit and getting you back on track. You can read more about the Boost™ program and information about what credit is, how it is calculated and much more.

The other great feature is that the site also helps you find the best credit cards, if you’re interested in getting credit.

The Basics of Experian Boost

Experian Boost™ is a credit repair service that can help you get a handle on your finances. Over time, your credit report may suffer from various errors, including late payments, collection activity, and even false and fraudulent information.

You may not even realize that these errors are damaging your credit until it’s too late. Credit score checks are usually run just when you need to take out a new loan or sign a lease – which is way too late to fix any negative credit activity.

Experian Boost™ aims to prevent these situations and keep your credit healthy and credit score high. Their service provides a weekly credit accountable report that monitors your aspects of credit such as payment activity, credit report inquiries, and your credit score. This proactive approach will help you uncover and correct mistakes much sooner than if you just relied on occasional credit score checks.

Once you sign up for Experian Boost™, you’ll get two “report cards” that analyze your credit score on a weekly basis. You can review the reports in order to understand what is affecting your score and take action to correct it, if necessary. This will also help you get a better