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The History of Guardian Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life Insurance Company was founded in 1906 by Edward A. Talbott in Illinois, and is one of the oldest mutual insurance companies in the United States. The first Guardian life insurance policies were sold that same year, and the company has been in operation ever since. Today, you can find Guardian Life Insurance policies sold in almost every state in the country, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company began as a mutual life insurance company, which means that policy holders owned it, and they are the ones who elected the members of the board of directors. In the United States, a mutual life insurance company is distinguished from a stock life insurance company in that no profit is shared with stockholders, and policy holders can vote to force the liquidation of the company if premium rates have gone up by over 5%. Mutual life insurance companies, however, only operate for a limited time: policy holders receive a liquidation dividend at the end of the tenure of the company. Guardian Life Insurance Company went public in 1974 and gained an increasing number of stockholders, and as a result, the company was sold in April 2010 by its current stockholders to a company formed by ValueAct Capital, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Freund Capital Management.

Guardian Life Insurance Company Review

There are millions of Americans who are in search of a better life insurance company. We all have a desire to be in a financially secure position, which is why term life insurance is a must.

There do exist some cheap life insurance comparison sites that can help you find better life insurance coverage.

One of the very few life insurance companies that are absolutely trustworthy and have kept their promises is Guardian Life Insurance Company. It’s one of the best in the business and truly cares about its customers. On the contrary, other top life insurance companies fail to do that. Guardian’s approach is somewhat different as it focuses on being more than just a cheap life insurance. It offers a wealth of services as well to its customers.

Truly, when it comes to life insurance companies, Guardian stands out and it’s a good company that we can all trust our lives with!

Some of the reasons why you must opt for Guardian Life are as follows.

Guardian Life Insurance Company Ratings and Better Business Bureau Grade

Guardian Life Insurance Company started in 1879 and is still running strong today. After going through a couple of ownerships, it was bought by the American International Group in 1994. AIG still owns it today.

1. Rating with A.M Best

A.M Best is a nationally known rating service that provides insurance rating evaluations. A A.M Best’s guide to the United States insurance industry. Guardian Life Insurance Company has maintained a financial strength rating of A++ (Superior) since the 1940s.

2 Ratings with Fitch

Fitch is a globally known credit rating agency that focuses on evaluating the credit ratings of insurance companies and securities. Fitch’s U.S. Individual Life Insurance Peer Review gave Guardian Life Insurance Company a rating of AA (Strong Financial)

3. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is an independent organization that provides consumer reports and watchdog monitoring. Guardian Life Insurance Company holds a A+ rating and has had very few complaints in the past 3 years.

4. Guardian Life Fire Insurance Company

Guardian Life Fire Insurance Company is also under the Guardian Group of Insurance Company umbrella. Fire Claims are admitted to Guardian Life Fire Insurance Company.

5. Types of Insurance Provided

Life Insurance Products Offered By Guardian

Contrary to popular belief, life insurance is meant to replace income. It is not meant to provide millions of dollar payouts to cover a mortgage for example or other debt. Life insurance with cash component is a term life insurance product with a cash value. The cash value can be borrowed money against the life insurance coverage. Life insurance with a cash value is further differentiated into various categories.

Traditional- The most traditional kind of policy where all of the death benefit is paid in one lump-sum. Life insurance with a cash value is sometimes called term life insurance. The key difference from term life is that a cash value builds up in the policy. Term life is pure life insurance without a cash value.

Whole Life- Whole life is another form of life insurance with a cash value. All of the premiums you pay will go towards paying the death benefit. The difference between whole life and term life is that the face value of the whole life policy will increase over time. It is also the only one with a cash value.

Term Insurance Offered By Guardian

Guardian life insurance is a life insurance company that provides many types of life insurance plans such as whole life insurance, term life insurance and variable life insurance. Guardian life insurance company review is very well known because they are a large life insurance company that covers all 50 states in the United States. Guardian Life Insurance Company Review is a very large life insurance company that offers a wide range of products to their customers.

Guardian Life Insurance Company Review has been in business for over 100 years and has over 1 billion dollars in sales and over 6 trillion dollars in assets. Guardian life insurance company review is offered on many different types of products that can be tailored to each individual customer. Guardian life insurance also offers many different types of loans and credit cards that are separated by products.

This company is very well known for providing cheap life insurance, which in turn makes their prices great for their customers. Guardian life insurance has a website for their customers that offers educational services and information that is updated regularly.

Guardian Life Insurance Company Review has a company mission of providing their customers with the best life insurance products in order to ensure that their customers and their families are taken care of in case their customers are to pass away.

Permanent Life Insurance Offered By Guardian

What is the average life expectancy for a Canadian? According to Statistics Canada, a man can expect to live to an average age of 82.2 years, while a woman can expect to live 88.8 years. As people live longer and healthier, the need for life insurance continues to grow.

At Guardian Life Insurance Company, they provide a range of term life insurance and permanent life insurance products for Canadians of all ages. Hopefully, you have already had the opportunity to review a permanent life insurance quote from Guardian and are about to purchase your life insurance from them, but if you’re still considering your options for life insurance from other companies, keep reading for a Guardian Life Insurance review.

If you’re looking for a company that offers competitively priced life insurance, Guardian will be among your top choices. They are best known for their term life insurance products, which are available in both the later years of life with term 65 and term 70, along with Universal life insurance which can be used to supplement your term life insurance policy. When you review a life insurance quote and decide that Guardian is the right company for you, you can purchase your life insurance through your local advisor, or if you prefer, just complete the purchase online.

Other Coverage Products Offered

Utwo is a UK based life insurance company that aims to cover your worries about having a busy life. The company offers a number of different packages for instance,

Accident Only Insurance (which covers accidental death),.

Critical Illness Insurance (which covers illness with a critical illness definition),.

Accident, Critical Illness and Income Protection which covers accident, illness and periodic payments as well as a guaranteed return of premiums and death benefit or reduction in premiums if you didn’t claim.

How to Get the Best Life Insurance Premium Quotes

When you think about your family and the life you want to leave for them, the issue of life insurance is bound to come up. Some of the questions you will have to ask yourself and your family include:

  • Are you covered?
  • Is the coverage enough?
  • Do you have the best rates?
  • Can you actually afford it? Or, is it too expensive?
  • How does your policy compare to others?
  • What can you do to get the best rate?
  • Is it worth taking out a life insurance policy now or are you too young?
  • Is a term policy better than a whole life policy?
  • If you have a term plan now, is it better to renew it or make a change?
  • Is the policy you have guaranteed for the rest of your life?
  • What policies will leave money that you can pass onto your children?

If you are looking for answers, going the insurance route, comparing life insurance quotes online can help you find the right information you’re looking for, no matter how many questions you have.

Don’t let your life insurance policy be a gamble. Get the right policy at the right price before it’s too late.