How to Find the Best Retirement Jobs After Retiring

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What Kind of Jobs Are Out There?

When you are retired, you still want to work and you want to work from home. You are not interested in working for a "live" boss who's going to give you pressure to perform like in an office job, but you still want a JOB.

So what kind of JOB do you want after you retire?

Part Time Jobs

The type of JOB you want is a job that has flexible hours where you can set your own hours.

You work 15 or 20 hours a week, however you want to work. You do as little or as much as you want. This means you can work when you have time.

Here are some of the part time jobs available on the internet from home:

Full Time Income

You have the ability to generate a full time income because of a JOB that is 100% commission based. The only caveat is you need to promote it and make sales.

Here are some of the full time jobs available on the internet from home:

A Business

You can find a JOB that gives you the ability to create a business. You create a business that generates a full time income for you. These types of assignments are available on the internet.

Finding Your Niche

After working several hours a day for several decades, you’re finally at the end of your career. If you haven’t started planning for the end of your career, this is the time to start. If you have worked hard at a career for decades and are nearing retirement, you’re probably looking into what to do after retirement.

According to experts, the first step is to figure out what it is you want. This is easier said than done, mainly because most of us reach the end of our careers before we have a chance to figure it out.

Although you have been working on this for years, you have likely been too busy to consider it seriously. Since you’ve spent so much time working, you probably want an opportunity that is less physical and doesn’t require a rigid routine. Colleagues at work have likely made suggestions as your career progressed – they’ll be there to help now.

The first step should be to check out your local job market. Move beyond the new opportunities you’ll find advertised, which are usually part-time jobs with little or no experience required. You need to look at the opportunities provided by former employers, the local community, and for-profit businesses, including hospitals, government agencies, and local businesses.

Business Consulting

One of the best retirement jobs that you can do is business consulting. You can start a consulting business that will help small business owners. This is a great way to help entrepreneurs save money and to also create additional income for yourself.

This is a job that you can do after retiring, and because you are helping people, there will be no age discrimination. You can give them several options and you can outline the pros and cons of each choice. You will also free them up to create a great business plan.

Small business consulting is a job that can happen over the phone or you can meet with the client in person if necessary. The hours will be more flexible than others, and you may be able to schedule it during the day. This may also allow you to make some money during the day and still have time to do other activities in the evening.

You can do business consulting over the phone or you can plan on meeting with your clients in person. You can do this job during the day and still have time for other things in the evenings. Many business owners work during the week and then take the weekends off. This may be the type of job that you can make work perfectly for you.


Are Good, but Find a Job to Keep You Busy.

Most retired people make the common mistake of assuming that hobbies alone will keep them busy and help them maintain a high standard of living. However, most of them learn the hard way that the way to a good life is through good work.

If you’ve been retired for a very long time and you’re bored and lonely, perhaps it’s time you went back to work. The arrangement doesn’t have to be permanent … all you need to do is have something to do that will give you a purpose in life.

Contract Worker

One of the fastest growing job trends in the U.S. is contract work, which is essentially freelance work that is self-employed. Contract workers are part-time workers that are hired by companies on a temporary basis, often at lower rates than full-time employees. Since the contract workers are not full-time employees, they do not receive full-time benefits, such as healthcare and retirement contributions.

Contract workers are perfect for retirees who are still looking for work. Contract jobs can be temporary to help you bridge the gap between your work life and the rest of your life.

Finance Professional

Just recently I was talking with a close friend of mine who made a very significant change in his life. He retired. Yes, he was a good ole’ engineer who enjoyed his career for more than forty years, but he had enough.

While I sympathized with him, I could not help but laugh because I was nineteen back in the days and I retired. Well, not officially but as far as I survey was concerned, I was. It was a stroke of luck because I was an employee in a family business where equity was a given and bonus was unheard off. But it is a very rare thing today.

Do you know of a single successful freelance venture that birthed anyone? A job that is bliss is as elusive today as it was then. When you own a business, either as a partner or as a freelancer; you cannot rest. You have to always think of new ways to generate fresh leads, to attract and to retain customers, to find new ideas, and also to reach out to new people. It is never ending.

Franchise Owners

Franchising positions can be an excellent choice for retirees because they allow you to still be involved in a business and keep earning money and have a social life to boot. The main things you should look for in a franchise would be how much time you’ll need to devote and if it’s a product or service you are interested in.

Without a doubt, retirement offers you much more free time than you are used to. Please make good use of it.


Administration jobs are those that are indirectly related to a business (or the policies, procedures, and resources needed to run it as effectively as possible).

Administration jobs are usually (though not always) clerical positions. They deal with day-to-day administration, customer service and support, and the general upkeep of the office environment.

Many people work in administration jobs after they retire – particularly if they’ve had careers in office-based environments.


Retirement jobs should be fulfilling both mentally and physically. It’s no secret that most people retiring these days are not in good physical condition. So it’s important to choose retirement jobs that match your interests, skills, and physical fitness, to avoid being overworked and overtired.

Retirees often start with simple part-time jobs while they take care of their pre-retirement tasks. This allows them to regain their confidence, save some money, and get back on the right track. If you don’t feel like pushing yourself physically, the jobs mentioned here will be a great choice for you.

Food Service

One of the best picks if you want a low-stress job is a restaurant or food service job. A lot of these jobs only require menial physical activity that’s easy to manage after having retired. And even if you will be on your feet all day, they don’t have the kind of rigorous physical demands that most other jobs require.

A lot of retirees also choose to work in cafes and coffee shops, partly because they enjoy being around coffee and partly because most cafes don’t require any prior experience. So if you’re in the service industry already, it’s another good pick.

You might have to be a bit flexible with your hours, since working shifts and holidays often makes for better pay and rewards. If you’re not too picky, you should find your first job easily.

Customer Service

Retiring can be a scary proposition when you have a limited budget and limited time. Many people worry about losing the skills or drive to get a job while others worry about losing the drive to even look for a job. Here are some advice for those looking to get a job after retiring.

Get creative: Think about all the skills you have that aren’t foreign to the job market. Maybe you have experience teaching a younger child math? This could be a skill that is in demand in specialized tutoring programs. Maybe you were a great graphic designer in your past job. Maybe you were an exceptional salesperson. All of these skills can help you while you look for a job after you retire.

If you’re using your retirement to go back to school for a job change, it will put you way ahead of the pack.

Get specific: If you have a genuine interest in a field, it will be far easier to find a job after you retire. For example, if you’re a huge golf fan, you can consider a job as a golf caddy. If you enjoyed caring for and training animals as a kid, you could look into becoming an animal groomer. If you love the outdoors, you could even become a park ranger in your area.

Temp Work

Many people are already planning how they’ll spend their retirement years. Some people want to maintain the same pace, while others want to slow down a little. People often worry about the things they’ll miss about the workplace, but there are so many exciting new opportunities to enjoy after retirement.

One of the most popular ways to explore new experiences is through a temporary job. The freedom of choosing how and when to work can help retirees re-find their purpose and stay happy.

Consider the best retirement jobs and apply for temporary positions that interest you. There are many websites that offer jobs that are perfect for retirees. The website Help Wanted utilizes the SkillsMatch” Technology to match people with the right job and right job description for their skillset. VolunteerMatch is another great resource that offers temporary and volunteer opportunities within your community.

Whichever job you choose, make sure that you find something that makes you happy.


English teaching is a great option for retirees that want to work part-time. Language teachers typically teach in private lessons, making it easy to teach part-time. Because many English teachers are young, they also have the flexibility to take off time to travel, if they choose.

The number of English language schools is increasing around the world, which means that there is more demand for English teachers. If you speak a foreign language, you can also teach that language through online opportunities.

Non-Profit Work

There are lots of ways to volunteer and employ yourself after you retire. Here are the most popular:

Volunteer at Most Local Non-Profits

If you don’t have miscellaneous skills, surrounding yourself with people who have those skills can help you fill in the gaps. I’ve never met a non-profit that didn’t need more help. If you want to meet people, volunteer at your local hospital, library, daycare center, clinics, shelters, churches, and animal shelters. Also, organizing neighborhood events, helping families plan Thanksgiving and Christmas, preparing flyers, and look for information on their websites to volunteer.

Volunteer and Work at a Home for the Elderly

If you like to keep active, then having elderly people around can be great. They can be a great support group and company. If you volunteer at an elderly home, you may be able to talk the management into letting you work there. As a general rule, seniors require a lot of attention from caregivers and will probably be more willing to hire someone you can hopefully become friends with.

Volunteer and Work in Hospitals