How To Make Money: Everything You Need To Know

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Why Do I Need Money?

Section 2: How to Make Money

Section 3: Think and Grow Rich

Section 4: How to Save Money

Section 5: Staying on Track

Different Paths, But One Common Goal: Earning More Money!

There are thousands of different ways you can make money. The list is endless. You can earn money doing something, by not doing something, you can make money by selling an item, or you could make money by providing a service to others.

The challenge is that not every one of us is capable of doing it all. You may be very good at socializing, but making clothes is not something you’ve mastered. Maybe you are the best cook in the world but don’t know how to fix your car.

The first thing you have to do is decide what you need to do, or more importantly, what you want to do. You need to decide what you really want to do by focusing on what you ARE good at and what you love.

Earning Through Entrepreneurship

A lot of people go into a business because they believe they can make money, but the majority of them fail. If you can run a tight ship, you can make money.

A lot of people get into business and fail because they don’t know what they don’t know. Some businesses are not even businesses. They’re hobbies. The minute you realize you can’t run a hobby business, you have to shut it down and walk away. Then you have to move on with your life and go do something else.

You also need to know your target market. You have to be able to sell to your target market. If you’re just in it for yourself, you’re in business to fail. It doesn’t matter if you have the best business in the world. It all comes down to not being able to sell your product.

Do you have the energy to keep going and make it work? If you don’t have the energy, you’re out of business.

You’ve got to understand that you have to constantly evolve. If you don’t keep up with the market, you’re not going to do at all.


One of the most attractive things about buying a franchise is the fact that it can work as an asset. Just like land and stock, an income that a franchise generates can be retained. It is a more stable form of business as you do not risk your capital on new ideas.

How do you franchise a business? How do you know if you are really buying a franchise and not just a scam? What do you need to do in order to franchise one? Here are some practical answers to the above question.

It is good to note that there are two types of franchising; product and business. You should start with business franchising as it is the most complicated one to execute.

You need to have at least a quarter of a million dollars to start a business franchise. Apart from the psychological struggle, franchisees need to be business savvy and whoever you assign to the role of running the business needs to be consistent as well. The reason being you can always move funds from one area to another, but the same can’t be said about your time. Quality Franchise is a trusted franchise business and you can find out more about them…

Selling Stuff Online

Selling Your Advice

Some people make extra money by consulting online.

The key is tapping into a need faced by your network and building your reputation as an authority inside your industry.

For example, many experts are teaching new skills that involve creating a digital product and publishing it on the web.

Instead of selling discrete products, many online teachers are selling a learning experience.

They share their knowledge via online courses that anyone can enroll in.

Each student receives access to the teacher’s expertise, but also serves as a testing host, ensuring that the teacher’s material is of the highest quality.

With online courses, the teacher’s service of experience adds enormous value that can only be provided this way.

If you’re able to think of practical ways to take this model to another industry, you could start a consulting business that brings in a lot of money.

The secret is to find an untapped need in your target market, develop a product that would help address that need, and sell access to that product to a growing community.

Offering a Service

The easiest and least expensive way to sell your skills is to play music. Music is great for a variety of reasons: it’s easy to learn, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s great for getting people out of their seats.

When you’re just getting started with your journey to make money playing music, you’re probably still in school or working a part-time job. Maybe this isn’t the best time for you to find gigs and to build a repertoire of music for people to request.

So how do you make money?

You can offer a service to people who want to learn an instrument. You can offer to teach a person how to play the violin, the guitar, the piano, or some other instrument. You can teach people how the drums and the trumpet, the banjo or the ukulele. By doing this, you’ll have an opportunity to practice your skills and to gain lots of experience that you can use in your career as a musician.

Other Entrepreneurial Ideas

Entrepreneurship is the only path to freedom. That many people don’t know this is why they never succeed. They get stuck in a job they hate and they let that guide their future. There are plenty of people who are self-employed or can work from home who are miserable. Then there are people who are unhappy because they have chosen an ill-advised career.

The fact of the matter is that the economy is in a downturn; therefore, the number of jobs is decreasing, and unemployment is increasing. Eighty percent of us are living paycheck to paycheck and another ten percent wouldn’t even have enough money to cover an emergency … if they had one.

As a result, most people are looking for opportunities to make more money. The unfortunate truth is that a large number of people believe that the only way to make more money is to get a better-paying job … and they’re right. But that path is getting longer every day.

If you get a better-paying job, will you be better off? Sometimes. But many times it’s just a switch of one problem for another. You may be able to pay off your credit cards, but you have a higher mortgage.

Using Education to Unlock Earnings

The fact is, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to make money. In fact, a lot of the time, it’s not about making money. It’s about what you do with the money once you’ve got it, that counts.

Having a really bad day at work leaves Mark feeling like he’s on the bottom of a hole and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s been working on a project for months that’s threatening to destroy what’s left of his company’s reputation, and every time he tries to sort it out, everything just goes from bad to worse.

He’s stared bankruptcy in the face and he’d do anything to get out of it, but right now, it feels like there’s a huge pit between him and whatever opportunities present themselves to him. At that moment, all he’s trying to do is make enough money to get him out of the financial mess he’s in.

Certificate Programs

If you’re wondering “how can I make money online,” one of the first things you’re going to need is some training. Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle or become a full-time entrepreneur, having a good education can make all the difference.

There are numerous places you can get online training, whether it’s a certificate program or a degree program. In fact, there are hundreds of places you can learn everything from coding to marketing, sales and everything in between.

While there are a few different options when it comes to getting online education, we’ve narrowed down the three that we think are the best for getting your money making career started. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Traditional College Degrees

Many people gave up their freedom to go to school for four years, but the traditional college degree is a bad way to make money. When you open your expensive bill, you’re stuck with that debt for your entire life.

It seems crazy that a bachelor’s degree costs about the same as a new car.

You need to find a way to make money quickly with something like affiliate marketing so you can pay off that debt. The bottom line is, you need to educate yourself, and you can do it for free.

Advanced Degrees

Many people think that to make money, you need to complete a post-secondary degree. That is not always the case. Many people are making money on-line, on their own terms, without having completed a formal college degree.

Here Is a YouTube Channel Made by a Guy that Is Making Money without Having Completed a Formal College Degree …

Customers’ demands are more or less the same: Quality products, at an affordable price and fast delivery.

Little or No Post-Secondary Education

This means different things to different people, depending on where in the country you live. In certain provinces, such as Ontario, it includes institutions such as: Centennial College, Seneca College, Sheridan College, Humber College, George Brown College, Algonquin College, and Loyalist College. All of these have programs in business administration, office administration, accounting, and computerized office systems that lead to certification. Some even offer continuing education and liaison programs leading to degrees from local universities.

Professional bodies in fields such as accounting, public administration, human resources, management, human services and law are also options.

Any institution that offers course credit and a credential is worth seeking out, and two such institutions that have programs of this nature are: York University and Queen’s University.

Side Hustling Your Way to Greater Success

Once upon a time, a regular 9-to-5 job was accompanied by a regular 50-hour work week. But that’s just not the case anymore.

According to Forbes, the average American employee spends about 50 hours a week at the office, and the average worker in Europe spends closer to 40 hours a week. With the spread of the internet and cell phones, though, workers from all over the world can’t be bound by their office cubicle.

And, more importantly, people are also taking jobs with a lot more freedom in how they want to work: working from home, working for multiple companies at once, and earning a living doing their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

That last option is called side hustling. It’s the act of earning extra income in addition to your regular income, and doing it as a side-job to your main nine-to-five endeavor.

The truth is, if you’re working with passion and working for yourself, you’ll be doing work-on-the-side regardless of whether you call it a “side-hustle” or not. It’s all about making money and being happy.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an additional job you do on the side to make a little extra money. But side hustles don’t have to be traditional jobs, such as working at a local restaurant or retail store.

You can be a part-time Uber driver or Lyft driver to supplement your regular income by driving around for a few hours a week. You can start a blog, or teach an online course. You can pick up dog walking, house cleaning, babysitting or tutoring gigs once you get some clients and experience.

The possibilities are endless – which is one of the benefits of having a side hustle. Once you find a source of income, you can spend your time working out the kinks and improving your income.

If You’d Like to Earn an Extra $100 a Week

If You’d Like to Earn $1,000 a Month

If You’d Like to Earn an Extra $10,000 a Month

Ask Yourself How You’re Failing.

Last night on the train, a friend was telling me about a recent ice-breaking event he ran, and how miserable it was. The event was for an online group that was largely made up of entrepreneurs.

He busted his butt prepping for the event. He developed a cool, fun theme. He identified all the points of failure in the past and planned for them. He even sent each of the members a link to a fun one-on-one activity he’d made just so they’d be able to interact with each other.

But, when everyone arrived, they were all glued to their phones, tablets, and laptops. They didn’t talk to each other. They didn’t have the courage to even start a conversation with a stranger.

Everyone was frustrated, including him.

The First Thing to Do when You Have a Problem

Any entrepreneur’s first instinct is, “I’ll fix it!”

But, inevitably, you know that you can’t.

The problem is too big.

The problem is too small.

The problem is too hard.

The problem is too boring.

Sometimes, You Just Need More Money

If you start looking for ways to make money, you will find out that people have been coming up with all kinds of interesting ideas. But, not all of them are very good or sustainable.

A lot of these "making money" ideas are not always ideal. Sometimes, they are unsustainable or just plain ridiculous. However, if you look for ways to make money in your life, you can revitalize your work or personal situation. Here is how you can do exactly that.

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