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HSA Home Warranty Review: Top Features

HSA is another great option for homeowners needing a specialized home warranty. HSA has numerous features and offers a top notch plan.

Home Protection

HSA Home Warranty is a non-profit, provider of home warranty programs that back homeowners for a limited term period with maintenance and repair service to keep your home working for you.

HSA Home Warranty is slightly different from its competitors because they do not operate through local or regional home service providers, but rather have contracts with hundreds of independent home service contractors covering major cities across the U.S. They also guarantee that if a repair person can’t attend to your home right away, they will send somebody else.

HSA offers year-long coverage for all kinds of major systems that operate and keep your home running. You can choose up to three service and repair options that will depend on the equipment covered. These options include either one or two visits per year plus part and material coverage. One additional service option is the restoration of your home in the case of damage, which is included in their premium package.

Convenient Service

Efficient Service, Affordable Protection.

The product that is used for insurance is called the Home Service Agreement, commonly known as a HSA, Home Warranty or Home Protection plan. These HSA insurance policies offer a great deal of coverage, except they are not offered through any insurance company. They are offered by private companies and when you purchase the HSA you gain benefits through the plan that the company offers.

The reason that you can’t buy the insurance from an insurance company is because of something called “captive” operations. A captive operation is an insurance operation that gets all of its revenue through sales of insurance products and is not permitted to sell any other products. Captive operations are usually owned by the same company that owns the insured business. A great example of this is GEICO companies. GE owns all of their insurance companies which is why you can’t buy GEICO products from any other insurance company.

The good thing about HSA home warranty plans is that they are not captive type operations and they have the ability to sell many types of products. This includes not only home warranty plans, but they also can sell home repair plans, furniture plans and many other types of plans. This gives you more options and better options than if you just bought one of the plans through an insurance company.

Annual Renewal

After you purchase a protection plan from HSA Home Warranty, you need to renew your plan annually before it expires. The renewal can be hard to track if you don’t know where to look.

HSA Home Warranty offers discounts on your renewals if you renew with the same company. Their policy is to honor all renewal discounts and then send you a check for the difference. They also have a dedicated renewal department to make sure you do not miss out on the discounts.

The renewal discounts also apply to new construction, adding a new structure to your home or repairing it after a disaster.

Warranty Plans

That Work with You and the Home You Want!

The HSA Home Warranty team is dedicated to providing you with the best home protection product out there. HomeownersA® is a network of independent home warranty companies that work with each other to protect you from the inside out. We provide coverage for more than 60,000 contractors nationwide to ensure our members can find a trusted repair team wherever they live or travel.

Many times, the real estate company requires home warranties to be purchased for that new home! Here, we can help monitor the home warranty companies on quality, service, and claim settlement times. With these reviews you will know which companies will be the best fit and which products will protect you from the least amount of surface problems to the most financial protection for major home repair expenses.

We wanted to create the Home Warranty That Works with You!

The HSA Home Warranty is a comprehensive house protection product, serving families like you throughout the United States and its territories. A six-month membership that can be renewed for an additional six months or until age 65, the HSA Home Warranty uses a unique Enhanced Coverage™ in combination with a choice of one of our three available expense plans to help you meet your home repairs and/or remodel needs. These plans are optional, but provide protection for the life of your home.


Upgrade Plan

Vs. Basic Plan for Your House

I’ve had my fair share, and I’m sure you have, too. You move into a new house, and there’s always something that breaks or goes wrong. This is a familiar scenario for just about everyone – you have a warranty plan but it never quite covers the thing you’re having problems with. Then you call up the warranty company, why are they hard to get through to? Do they care that much? Why won’t they replace the part? It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen, and it’s even more difficult to file a claim in a situation like that.

The HSA home warranty gives you peace of mind because you know that what you’re paying for is something that will work in real life. That’s because the HSA home warranty is a service that makes it simple and quick to take care of any issue with your home.

The Good

We are sure that, as a consumer, you have heard all the promises about home protection companies. During my research, I found many reviews (like this one) about how these companies rip you off.

This is not the case for the HSA Home Warranty company. The good news about the HSA Home Warrant is that they provide outstanding home protection without charging you an arm and a leg.

The HSA Home Warranty reviews are overwhelmingly positive because customers are happy with their service. The HSA Home Warranty reviews, especially the negative reviews, are about how the clients are unhappy with the way the company operates rather than complaints about the level of service. That shows a lot of integrity on the part of the company.

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Excellent Reputation in the Home Warranty Industry

The home warranty industry is quite mystifying, with hundreds of providers all claiming to be the highest quality and the cheapest. But with such a variety of options in the market, it can be a daunting task to select a suitable provider.

If you’re shopping for home warranty coverage, definitely consider HSA. It has an excellent reputation in the insurance industry and boasts over a decade of exceptional service.

The company offers home warranty coverage in about 30 states, with plans for expansion to new locations across the country. HSA also offers a variety of coverage options for home warranty insurance, all of which are explained in detail here.

HSA specializes in two types of home warranty coverage “ providing protection for both parts and labor. With its Part 2 Labor warranty, the coverage on labor costs is an integral component of the total cost.

Excellent Customer Support

While the benefits offered by HSA Home Warranty differ based on the type of coverage you choose, you can rest assured that they all include excellent customer support. All HSA Home Warranty plans offer quality coverage, so there’s no need to worry if and when you run into an issue.

For example, HSA Home Warranty offers 24/7 support that’s available via phone or email. They also offer direct access to licensed contractors so that you can speak with them right away about any problems you encounter with your home. And, if at all possible, they’ll offer onsite assistance instead of demanding that you hire a different contractor in order to fix up your home.

Real Estate Coverage

If you find yourself thinking about moving, or perhaps have already relocated, you may want to consider purchasing coverage from Homesite. The home warranty company makes it easy for you to choose a plan that is right for your needs.

They offer stories for both new and existing homes, and you can choose based on location, home type (single or multi-family), and budget.

Your contract will include coverages like appliance repair, in-home services, and warranty protection.

If you’re in the market for home warranty coverage, this is a great place to start looking.

No Inspection Required

HSA is an award winning home warranty company that offers a wide variety of products to suit your needs. The most popular product is their streamlined home protection.

The Bad

What turned me off about the company as a whole is that they avoided having to pay out claims and their services where rather awful when I had to call them. It was as if they wanted us to have a bad experience and ask for our money back so our real plan was not in effect by the time we needed service.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a nice looking site, brochures and even an app, but they didn’t stand the test of time. There were several poor experiences I had with their customer service reps, which made me concerned.

The company did send a guy named [name removed] to my home in an attempt to repair my oven. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this man was a contracted company user that was actually promoting their services out on the field.

I gave [name removed] a single chance to come fix my oven and if he didn’t fix the problem, I would have him escorted off my property. However, he fixed my oven and even burned some extra food for us. I let him pack up and leave, but I couldn’t help but think something was up.

Alternatives to HSA

Do you know that it can be very difficult to get a home warranty for your home if you have been in an area or a location that has had lots of problems with construction? That is because companies that issue these types of policies are always looking out for past problems in the area that they want to do business in. However, they may not be that honest with you, so you have to figure out if this is the best time to try and get the best possible estimates from them. Do you know that it can take some time to get the best warranty companies to deal with your requirements if you have had some problems with the homeowners warranty companies in the past? This is because of the idea that they are not going to want to take on the problems again. However, you can still find options that are available to you, even if you have had issues with the companies in the past.

If you are looking for something different, like a warranty company that already has the best prices for the services that they give for the last year, or two, you might want to find out if they can handle your problem.

The Bottom Line