The Top 5 Internet Providers for your Business

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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Getting Internet Service for Your Business

As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, the ability to be online and available has become as important as having a business phone line and electricity, so businesses are more dependent than ever on having a good internet connection.

The issue is that there are so many internet providers out there that offer different speeds and different deals. And if you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to do the research and figure out which provider is the best for your business.

The following are some of the key factors you should consider when choosing a business internet provider.

Type of Broadcast – Fiber Broadband will allow you to run extremely fast speeds that will power different kinds of web applications such as streaming media. If you want the fastest speeds, Fiber Broadband may be your type of connection.

Speed – Make sure you’re comparing the right things, like upload speed and download speed.

Price – There are businesses that have extremely high speed internet connections for extremely high prices, while others offer very cheap internet service but with slower speeds.

Contracts – Some businesses lock you into a contract, while others don’t, and that can make a difference in the long run.

The Best Internet Providers of 2022

The Internet has a way of blindsiding businesses. You can be doing fine and things just work great, and then one day everything gets drastically worse. Your Internet connection is slow, your security is weak, and your phones are ringing off the hook. How did this happen? It happens in several ways – and you need to know them.

Here are the top five Internet providers for businesses.

Best Internet Provider Reviews

A lot of small business owners are still unaware of how important high-speed Internet is to keeping their business profitable. In today’s world, almost everyone has the ability to access the Internet at any time. Over 85 million Americans are currently using broadband Internet, and approximately 40 million Americans are now using broadband Internet at work. This may seem like a relatively small number, but in the workplace it’s essential.

A recent study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reveals that 82 percent of small businesses with broadband for their business claim that it’s one of their most important decision-making factors. The most intriguing fact is that 24 percent of the employers in the study who have made the switch to broadband report that their business makes twice as much profit.

If you currently have broadband Internet service and are considering switching providers, there are five top Internet providers that small businesses should consider. These include:

{1}. Comcast Business – Comcast Business offers a lot of different business-specific services, including a business-class Internet connection.
{2}. AT&T Business – AT&T Business is another company that a lot of business owners go to for the security and reliability of their Internet. They also have a great line of other business applications to help your company run more efficiently.

Verizon Fios Business: Best Overall

I did a Verizon fios business installation recently, and I played around with the account a bit. My phone and internet service were both set up over the phone, and I was up and running in less than 24 hours.

I had my own modem, so I didn’t have to get their fancy equipment. That’s a plus. The Fios equipment seems to be on par with my other modem’s though. I didn’t notice any improved performance.

I have always thought that Verizon’s technical service was superior, and I still think that is the case.

Their business communications department really impressed me though. Even when I was just inquiring about a contract, the salesperson "Skyped" me rather than just sending me over to a website. I really thought that was cool.

I will probably stick with my current service now that I have tried the Verizon fios business service.

Comcast Business Internet: Best Money-Back Guarantee

Spectrum: Best for No Contracts

Spectrum’s business-level internet service provides unlimited access that includes zero commitment. This service includes up to 8Mb/s download and 2Mb/s upload, 24×7 support, and a static IP for predictable access. The static IP can be useful as a network point for backups or streaming equipment. Your customers can also give you feedback and request specific features.

SPECTRUM’s focus on quality service at an affordable price makes it a business-level internet provider with unlimited potential!

Spectrum’s prices are also very reasonable. They have affordable monthly plans and a price stability guarantee with no unexpected price fluctuations for 12 months (and prices include applicable taxes).

CenturyLink Business: Best for Bundling Products

CenturyLink Business is one of the best choices for small and medium business to get Internet, Phone, Cloud computing, and other phone enhanced features such as voicemail to email. CenturyLink makes it easy select the phone systems right for your business. They have partnered with some of the top companies and brands to provide you with the best possible products and service.

CenturyLink Business Bundles:

HughesNet: Best Satellite Internet Option

If you are considering adding internet to your business, particularly if you work in a rural area, you might consider HughesNet satellite internet. HughesNet satellite internet service offers Internet Access Plans that provide fast, reliable satellite Internet to rural areas across the United States. HughesNet satellite service is designed to keep you connected even in the most remote areas. Surf the Web at speeds of up to 15 Mbps so that you can understand just how revolutionary satellite Internet is.

HughesNet satellite internet is a complete high speed Internet service package designed to provide your business with the fast, affordable internet services you need to conduct business wherever you are. HughesNet satellite internet leases satellite equipment directly from Loral, a leading satellite internet provider, so that you can receive the best satellite Internet service possible. HughesNet satellite internet service is compatible with many network router systems, so you can rest assured that your equipment will work flawlessly with your HughesNet service. HughesNet satellite internet service requires installation of a satellite dish and a modem, both of which Hughes will provide. When you purchase Internet Access Plans from HughesNet you can expand the power of your satellite connection at any time with the Rapid Deployment Satellite Kit.

How We Found the Best Business Internet Providers

Businesses need reliable internet to keep their employees connected at all times, remotely access their files and host their websites.

Below are the top 5 providers for your business internet.

1, Verizon.

Business internet is just one of the many services Verizon offers. Their services range from internet to telephone and healthcare services.

Verizon’s advantage is that it can be put anywhere on your property. Another advantage is that it has a 99.93 % SLA on its service for each port. Your internet will be up and operational. You are less likely to experience downtime even during Peak Hours.

This is a cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget. The SLA for internet is on par with others in the industry. SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. This means a given percentage of members can experience service failure but for a shorter amount of time.

Some downfalls of Verizon is that it has a high price point and has a less reliable service when compared to some of the other providers.

2, AT&T.

This provider also has a 99.93 % SLA which is slightly higher than the industry average. AT&T have an entire package that is great for larger businesses. This includes an internet package that can support up to 1,000 locations.

Internet Speeds

With the progress of technology, internet speeds have already set new records over the past few years. Currently, the top speeds in the U.S. are achieved by Google Fiber and available in Kansas City, Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. The speed has already hit a peak of 1 Gigabit or 1,000 Mbps which is a huge leap from the average 2 Mbps.

What do these internet speeds mean for your business? Just imagine, it would take you less than a minute to send an email or transfer a 5 GB file every hour. So, if you have employees working remotely, they can download and upload all of that productivity-boosting information and secure backup company data with ease.

With this technology, you can even share a video conference such as Google Hangouts or Skype in full 1080p, crystal clear HD video. You can also afford back-up storage for your computers and servers along with cloud services without even breaking your budget.

The faster speeds also improve the quality of your conversations because they enable you to upload as well as stream media content with ease. With a faster upload and download, your international employees and colleagues can video conference and share ideas more efficiently and effectively.

SugarSync is also a good option if you want to share files in real-time. It also has an end-to-end security to guard your company data and also helps you keep better control over all the files.

Pricing and Transparency

According to a report by Ookla, Charter is the fastest internet in the U.S. on broadband, followed by four other cable internet service providers.

However, with three out of five slots in the top five provider’s list going to cable providers, it is evident that there’s more to the fast download speed than just infrastructure.

The report also reveals that the cost of internet comes right after the quality of internet. Most people would go crazy for fast internet if it’s not too expensive.

In fact, 60% of survey participants said that they would be willing to spend more on their internet service if it is cheaper. And more than half of the participants said that they would switch providers if they get the same quality internet service for cheaper.

The growing trend of internet business and digital home businesses makes it necessary for us to find the best provider to deliver a stable internet service.

Most companies are currently going online in order to reach the market faster, and this digital format is poised to take the future by storm.

In line with this trend, “America’s Top Online Businesses” list has also reported an increase in the number of online businesses. Given these numbers, it makes sense to include internet to our business skills.

Commitment Required

The ideal situation is to have your own broadband point, which requires the connection to be passed from the Telecom exchange via coaxial cable and do a suitable connection to your building. If you can’t do this, the next best option is to go for the ADSL connection. The problem with a standard ADSL connection is that you are limited to the distance you can go from the Telecom exchange. Most landowners won’t allow the Telecom operator to come on their land to install that cable. What follows is that you have to fall back on either cable or wireless.

There are some wireless networks around at the moment, but I wouldn’t trust them. These wireless networks are relying on radio signals from base stations that are in orbit around the world. Each time there is a weather pattern, different parts of the world get affected; this causes lost packets or multiple connections. Apart from Telecom companies providing you with an installation, they are your best shot at a broadband connection because they know how to extend an ADSL connection as far as possible.

A Better Understanding of Business Internet Providers

Business Internet providers offer two basic services:

  • Business Internet services
  • Business network/telecom services

Business Internet Providers for Your Business

These providers typically connect businesses to the Internet. They provide the bandwidth needed to transmit data back and forth between your business and the Internet. The actual hardware is connected to your other Internet and business network components in your office.

Business Metrics

When looking for a business internet service providers you should explore your business network metrics. Business network metrics are the particular needs and requirements of the business. They will help you realize what internet or internet service provider will best fit your business. Below are three critical business metrics that should be taken into consideration.


The number of places and offices that need to be connected to the employer’s main office.

Number of Employees and Individual Computer Users

Number of employees and individual computer users that will be accessing the Internet.

Size of Data Transmitted

The size of the data that is transmitted each month gives you a good idea of the speed you will need to download and upload.

High Speed Internet Providers for Your Business

The most important feature of business high speed internet is the speed as there is a huge demand of bandwidth in business. Business Wi-Fi internet is typically between 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps.

Summary: Best Business Internet Providers

The internet connects your business with the world, but the quality of internet you receive directly affects the quality of your connection. Your business’s internet connection needs are going to be different from your neighbor’s, so the right internet provider depends on your unique business needs.

BISP is the primary source of high speed broadband internet service providers in the UK and is responsible for administrating the Broadband Delivery UK program. This organization helps consumers and businesses find and compare internet providers and allows them to make informed decisions on the highest quality internet service providers.

Finding the right internet provider for your business may seem like a daunting task, but BISP simplifies the process by offering valuable information on business internet service providers and an easy to use directory for locating an appropriate internet service provider.

Once you’ve compared the options and determined which one would be the best internet service provider for your business, be sure to negotiate a great package that fits your needs. When deciding on an internet speed necessary to support your business operations you’ll also want to consider the speed of your competitors in your space. If any of your potential clients or suppliers experience slow response times, it may dissuade them from doing business with your company, thus affecting your business revenues.

When looking for an internet provider to meet your business’s needs, the list is endless with many choices available in the market. With all the options available, how does a small upstart business choose a provider? Before committing to a specific provider, there are a few things you want to evaluate and compare.

Here are a few of big things to look for when searching for an internet provider.

Speed and reliability: You want to find a provider that won’t go down so often and a provider that will provide you with the quality of internet speed you want.

Business package features: This includes additional features, such as 24/7 support and the number of email accounts you’ll get.

Other services and technology: Many providers now allow you to add business apps to your account so that you can access your emails anywhere and anytime, sync data across multiple devices, and even match what you have at home with your business office.

Contract: A good long term contract will ensure that you don’t get socked with any hidden fees in the next few years and will also include a higher provisioning speed to get you started.