Landmark Credit Union Mortgage Review

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About Landmark Credit Union

Landmark Credit Union is a mortgage lender that serves buyers of all types in the United States and Canada. Landmark Credit Union has no physical branches and is not affiliated with any other financial institutions. This makes it a convenient resource for home buyers with bad credit, good credit, and everything in between.

If you need help securing a mortgage, prequalify online and have your loan reviewed by a loan officer in a matter of hours. Landmark Credit Union is a HUD-approved mortgage lender. It prides itself on quick response times and competitive rates.

Current Landmark Credit Union Rates

Landa Mark Credit Union has been serving members for over 60 years. Landa Mark offers members access to a strong network of Lender Partners and buy-in-bulk pricing from 1,200+ top-rated insurance companies across 43 states and Canada.

With locations throughout Texas and a 24/7 member service center, Landa Mark has positioned itself as a dominant force in the Texas market for decades.

My wife and I have been members of Landa Mark Credit Union and have had our mortgage through them for years. We like how easy it is to communicate between both the lender and the credit union and their focus on treating us as the customer.

Landmark Credit Union Mortgage Options

Launch a new search for a mortgage loan, including equity loans, mortgages, and land title loans. Learn more about the mortgage loan options from Landmark Credit Union, including loan options for home insurance, refinancing, and more. Contact Landmark Credit Union today to learn more about the mortgage loan options available in Iowa.

Fixed Mortgage Rates

No prepayment penalty. Finance charges may apply.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

Annual Percentage Rates (APRs). Annual Percentage Yields (APYs)

  • Bad Credit Mortgage
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • FHA Mortgage
  • USDA Rural Housing Loan
  • First Time Homebuyers Programs

Fixed-rate mortgages

Fixed-rate mortgages are mortgages where the interest rate is set for the term of your loan. There are no adjustments for changes in the benchmark interest rate.

Adjustable-rate mortgages

The terms of an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, are flexible, like any other variable-rate mortgage. ARMs have an interest rate (the initial rate) that is fixed for a period of time, called the adjustment period. This is normally one to five years, and the rate is often tied to the index, such as the one from the Federal Reserve Bank. The interest rate changes monthly, or even more frequently, and is based on the interest rate index.

So, for example, if your initial interest rate is 4 percent and the index is 3 percent, your rate will be 7 percent.

An adjustable-rate mortgage allows you to change rates every few years, although it may charge a penalty for paying off the mortgage early. ARM loans work well for those who expect to sell the house before the rate resets.

Adjustable-rate loans also work well for those who have a low initial interest rate and plan on staying in the house for a long time. However, if you’re behind on your mortgage, you may not be able to modify your loan to get out of the situation – but you can always ask for a loan modification.

Jumbo mortgages

FHA loans

Remain a great choice for home buyers looking to purchase a house. One of the prerequisites for obtaining an FHA loan is a minimum down payment amount of three percent.

Other than that, the FHA loan is a sound mortgage loan with a tremendous amount of flexibility in the terms of repayment. You can also structure the FHA loan in such a way that you pay down the principal faster by making extra payments, as well as obtain a lower interest rate by offering a higher interest rate.

No prepayment penalties will also apply to these loans, which means that you’re free to make additional payments whenever you want. An early payoff is also an option. If you make an early payoff, you can also get the loan amount credited back to you to carry over the balance to the next loan.[1]

The great thing about it is that you have negligible closing fees with an FHA loan or some closing fees with FHA 203k loans. Also, the interest and fees are tax deductible.

So, with a wide range of financing options that you can choose from and an array of alternatives available, the FHA loan is a classic mortgage loan option for home buyers to start with.

VA loans

The VA loan was created for veterans after WWII, but it did not gain popularity until the past ten years. The original intent of the VA loan program was to offer low-cost mortgages for veterans to help them rent or buy homes in the US. The market has grown to include active-duty military members, reservists, National Guard members and surviving spouses, as well.

Landmark Credit Union Customer Service

The Landmark Credit Union began as a credit union for the employees of a local Ohio paper factory. However, the credit union has since grown to become one of the top credit unions in Ohio. It’s not a national credit union like some others, but Texas residents can join if they are eligible.

If you’re looking for a low-cost mortgage rate, it’s important to compare rates on different lenders and lenders that are located in your area. Landmark Credit Union’s mortgage rates are competitive, but what about Landmark Credit Union customer service? We’ll weigh both and see how the mortgage lender compares to other mortgage lenders and credit unions. We’ll examine how the company fared in the latest customer service ratings from J.D. Power.

Landmark Credit Union Customer Service Summary

Getting a mortgage can be stressful and lenders have an important role to play in reducing that stress. Landmark Credit Union offers a variety of services as part of their customer service. Many of the services these lenders offer can save you money and time.

The company offers a free mortgage calculator that can help you determine how much house you can afford and supply you with an online rate quote.

Landmark Credit Union Grades

The Landmark Credit Union Mortgage Review is a product of Landmark Credit Union. Landmark Credit Union is classified as a National Credit Union Administration or NCUA. This is a governmental entity that is created under the provisions of the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934 as amended.

Landmark Credit Union is headquartered at 1785 Butterfield Lane, Highland Park, Illinois, United States.

Landmark Credit Union became a cooperative member of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund in 1957. This fund insures the savings of all the members of Landmark Credit Union.

Landmark Credit Union Board of Directors, officers and staff function without compensation. All costs of the Credit Union’s operation are covered by a low share and loan rate structure.

Landmark Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. All of the income the Credit Union earns is returned to the members in the form of low rates and improved services.

Landmark Credit Union Is a Member Of

They offer financial products and services including but not limited to the following.

Mortgage, Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, Equity Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, ATM Services, and IRA CD Products.

Membership to Landmark Credit Union is limited to the residents of the following zip codes.

Membership to Landmark Credit Union is limited to those who work or reside within these counties.

Landmark Credit Union Mortgage Qualifications

If you’re working with an agent, be sure to ask the agent to prove to you that they have access to Landmark Credit Union mortgage rates. It’s important to have access to these exceptional rates, and it’s the design of the Landmark Credit Union home loan program that makes it possible. There are unique aspects to home loans through Landmark Credit Union, and these mortgage benefits can make a huge difference in your financial situation. If you’re anything like most people, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are a wide range of mortgage options and programs available these days. There are private lenders and government-backed programs that can help you secure a loan.

The process of obtaining a mortgage loan can be complicated and stressful, and while there are some mortgage pros that can walk you through the process, there are perks to choosing a lender that focuses on customer service and the overall mortgage loan process. Basically, the mortgage loan process through Landmark Credit Union is designed to make life easier for its members, and everyone can take advantage of that. Whether you’re looking at your first home loan, considering a refinance, or simply considering all the options available through Landmark Credit Union, you’ll find out more about the requirements for loan qualification below.

Landmark Credit Union Phone Number and Additional Details

Landmark Credit Union is a great option for anyone needing a mortgage.

Landmark Credit Union offers all of the traditional loan types as well as FHA home loans.

Their website is a great resource for getting information about what you need to know before you apply for a mortgage. For someone new to the mortgage loan application process, this can save you time and hassle.

This credit union is excellent at educating its members with articles that discuss money and investing topics. They also provide guidance on finding the right home, as well as how to keep your finances in order once you have your loan. By reviewing the information available on their website, you will be better prepared to meet with your mortgage lender.

Landmark Credit Union also provides one of the easiest ways to reach a bank representative. A live person will answer your call and help you right away.