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Our Liberty Tax Review: Make Filing Your Returns A Breeze

Liberty Tax, or Liberty Tax Service, is a tax preparation provider that has been helping people file their taxes for years. The company now boasts over 600 offices across the country.


Liberty Tax Service’s pricing plans vary depending on where you live. It should be noted that each location (office) offers different rates. The prices can be found online and on the tax form. Liberty Tax Service is willing to work with their customers to make sure that they get the best value for their money. Some customers may in fact qualify for more than one option.

Types of Returns

With either service, you will be able to file the income tax return for an individual or couple. In addition, you can also file for a trust.

When getting your return prepared, you may need to consider whether or not you are eligible for a refund. If you do not know exactly how much your refund will be, you can use the refund estimator. This online calculator will estimate how much your tax return will be. It is free and safe to use. However, no matter how many times you use it, you may need to speak with a real person at Liberty Tax Service to get the best understanding of how much is owed and how much of that will be issued in a refund. They can also concentrate more on state tax issues because their state tax forms are more complicated.

Key Features

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How To File Your Return With Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax, in addition to providing people with the best tax software around, provides a tax filing service. On occasion, I have direct questions and concerns to the company about the service. I find the customer service to be quick and helpful in addressing my Liberty Tax Review. After the initial filing, I don't even have to think about Liberty Tax.

My filing ends up being simple and affordable. It is definitely worth it to utilize this service. However, there can still be some confusion. You may not be sure at the time of filing what type of tax incentive you qualify for such as your locality's earned income credit or credits for other things like buying a new property. If you need help understanding this, Liberty Tax is there for you.

Other than learning how to file your return, you may also be interested in learning how to choose the right tax filing service. There are a number of things you can look into such as the relevance of equal-opportunity employer certification, accreditation, and bondability. Check out this article for all things you need to know about Liberty Tax.

It Has a Very User-Friendly Interface

The first thing that users will find is that the website is very easy to navigate. The layout is user-friendly and engaging, and it is filled with SEO-friendly content. Liberty Tax is effective at making sure that none of the articles or pieces of content they present on their site and to the search engines is dated or stale.

There is Branch Support as Well

You Can Flip Through the Application Easily

You can also choose to access the software from the Liberty Tax reps after you submit your taxes. Hiring a tax professional is very much like hiring a lawyer or an accountant. You will have to trust that the person who is working with your information has your best interest. This is why Liberty Tax service has an option to view the progress of your taxes after they have been submitted. You track them online and can even access the review within an hour of submitting your taxes, so you can relax. If they need more information, you can continue to track them as you give them the information they are requesting. This is a great feature for those who want to really see what tax preparers notice in their filing.

The application process at Liberty Tax is quick and very thorough. The application asks questions that help prepare the tax preparer with the information they need to get your filing right. If you want to ask for information not on the application, there is a space to add information. This makes the process of filing your taxes much easier on everyone. Whether you are a first-time filer or a seasoned pro, the process is smooth and stress free. Liberty Tax is one of the most popular tax filers for a reason.

Get Your Refund Upfront

And Avoid Audit!

All the anxieties that are involved in preparing a tax return can be comforted with thorough preparation. This sort of preparation contains getting your W2 by January 31st. Consider this the first milestone in tax season.

However, you need to work within a tight schedule. Your first step is to decide on a place where you’ll make the best use of the limited amount of time available.

Whether you go with a tax preparation firm or just do it yourself, it is beneficial to secure an upfront refund. If you go for an audit, you can rest assured that you can pay the tax auditor. You can be sure that you will get a refund at the end of the audit.

However, if you are lucky enough, you might be allowed a refund before the end of the year. This option is available if you are more prepared and have a better idea of all the information you need.

With Liberty Tax Service, you can get an upfront refund without any risks of an audit. Go through the reviews of Liberty Tax Service to know how it works.

What If Your Situation Is More Complicated?

How Much Does Liberty Tax Cost?

Liberty Tax Service is the leading provider of tax services in the United States. Their tax services include:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Filing
  • Credit Tax Relief
  • Tax Consulting

In general, tax preparation companies are usually more expensive than online tax filing companies. If you want to retain the services of a tax preparation company, you should be ready to shell out the money.

But this doesn’t mean you have to overspend or break the bank. When it comes to getting your taxes done, you can actually get a great deal. All you need to do is conduct a little research.

Liberty Tax’s Lowest Price Guarantee

Liberty Tax is so confident in its lowest prices, they guarantee it!

How does Liberty Tax work?

Step 1

Liberty Tax affiliates offer their services to the customers. These affiliates have the freedom to set their own prices. Many of these service providers receive fee incentives for completing a certain number of tax returns.

Step 2

Liberty Tax advises you about the best tax service for your tax preparation needs based on your situation and where you live.

Step 3

Once satisfied with the tax service’s preparation of your taxes, Liberty Tax pays you directly through direct deposit or paper checks. Customers can also pay Liberty Tax with credit, debit, or check card.

Liberty Tax Filing Options & Plans

This year I decided to take the plunge with getting my finances in order.

As a result, I have been securing excellent returns from my investments and my job search is going great. That’s why I decided to use Liberty Tax Services to file my taxes.

Not many tax preparation companies can provide their clients with the excellent service and guidance they need. However, Liberty Tax Services is different.

They made sure that I understood the benefits I could enjoy by filing my taxes through them, and I took advantage of their business services as well … and it was the best decision I could have made for my tax returns.

After I applied, it took me less than 15 minutes to fill in the application. I was very surprised of how easy it was to handle payment with the Liberty Tax Services’ convenient and easy methods of payment. But even more surprising was the collection of returns I enjoyed for my filing. Truly, Liberty Tax Services provided a valuable service that I’ll continue to use for many years to come.

Liberty Tax Service® had the best professional customer service agents that I ever spoke with. They answered all my questions and concerns with very reasonable solutions.


Tax season is one of the biggest times for the IRS. Everyone is filing their taxes in one way or another, and they’re always looking for the next person to audit.So it’s no surprise that many people want to make sure that they are doing everything correctly on their returns, and they want to make sure that they are not cheating when it comes to taking their deductions.

The first thing that you can do is drill down and really look at your personal items and where you are going to unwind at the end of the day. The next thing you can do is create a schedule of your exact day and break that down into all of its individual parts. Look at the start and end of each day and see that you are starting and ending each time frame in the same way.

If you can do that, then you are not going to have any problems with the IRS.


Information: What Is A Tax Return With Benefits?

A tax return with benefits is a return on which more tax is owed than on a tax return without benefits. For example, someone with no dependents might only be able to file a tax return with an additional 20 dollars in taxable income. However, a single taxpayer with two children could file a tax return with an additional 200 dollars in taxable income.


ITIN Form for 2015: Who Needs a New EIN?

With the 2017 tax season starting early this year, you may be wondering whether you need a new EIN (Employer ID Number).

An EIN is assigned to a business entity while an ITIN is assigned to an individual. The numbers have different uses and are issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

So what’s the difference between an EIN and an ITIN?

Conceptually, there’s very little difference between an EIN and an ITIN. Both are considered to be Federal Taxpayer Identification Numbers that are used to identify tax reporting requirements for individuals or entities.

When an individual files their tax return, they must use their ITIN on the tax returns. An ITIN is primarily used for individuals who are required to pay taxes but have no Social Security Number (SSN). An ITIN does not create a filing requirement for an individual, however.

In contrast, business entities must use their EIN on their tax returns. An EIN by itself does not create a filing requirement, either. Instead, it identifies the entity for a particular tax return and is tied to the entity’s activity.

Thinking about applying for an EIN?


Other Considerations

When reviewing a Liberty Tax Review, it’s important to consider the bigger picture as far as taxation is concerned. Anytime you have income, you’re required to pay taxes on that income. This is based on the laws and regulations passed by the government. If you do not pay your taxes, authorities can charge you penalties for non-payment. Additionally, they can penalize you for evasion or fraud, which can be even more painful. What’s more, if you owe back taxes, it’s imperative that you pay them back as soon as possible. If you don’t, interest rates and the penalties are going to accrue, which could mean more money owed after the current sum you owe is finally paid in full.

Taking into consideration the amount of due money owed, as well as the length of time already gone by, you may decide to opt for a tax resolution service. If you do this, you should ensure the broker or tax resolution company knows about everything you owe and has a strong working relationship with the IRS or your tax authority. Be sure your tax resolution service has a proven track record of helping taxpayers such as yourself.

The Verdict

When it comes to tax preparation services, I’ve never been very impressed by any other company than H&R Block.

I always felt as though they took care of everything, with the exception of the mundane task of buying stamps.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Based upon some very thorough research that I conducted, which included a cost-benefit analysis, I’ve determined that Liberty Tax is an excellent company for clients who want to have their taxes prepared with experts.

The company’s major benefit is their review. The agents double-check all sales from TaxSoft, and this benefit is free. This fact alone could help many people.

Liberty Tax’s services are also cheaper than what I’ve seen elsewhere.

The website is also very professional, and it’s clear that the company has put a lot of time and money into their digital presence.

Liberty Tax Service is a provider of state and federal tax preparation services that was started in May 1997. It began with a single location in its home of Chattanooga, TN. As of 2016, there are more than 3,500 Liberty Tax Service locations in all 50 states.