Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

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Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

Smoking is the number one cause of premature death and is responsible for killing over 400,000 people annually in the United States. If you smoke or use tobacco, you are increasing your risk of contracting some of the serious diseases, including lung cancer, throat and esophagus cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

Life insurance for smokers is much, much more expensive than life insurance for nonsmokers. As a smoker, you could dramatically lower your premiums by quitting smoking… or never starting to smoke in the first place. However, this means that some people will struggle to get hold of life insurance.

As a smoker, you could dramatically lower your premiums by quitting smoking… or never starting to smoke in the first place. However, this means that some people will struggle to get hold of life insurance.

This is where life insurance for chewers will make a difference. It is a policy for those who chew and spit tobacco. It is designed to encourage those addicted to chewing tobacco to quit.

Many life insurance companies now offer life insurance for chewers alongside conventional life insurance plans. The main benefit of these policies is that they offer an alternative to smokers who would find it difficult to get traditional cover.

What are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Tobacco Users?

No-smoking clauses are becoming more and more common in doctor-hospital contracts. If a person who uses tobacco products want to get a job or stay in the job they are already in, they must face increasing difficulty in finding medical professionals who do not place restrictions on their care. If a person who uses tobacco products becomes very ill or dies, their survivors may be unable to find a health care facility to treat them.

When a non-smoker dies, the family is able to collect awarded life insurance benefits freely. When a smoker dies, the life insurance company may hesitate to pay the hired sum. Tobacco users have a high risk of heart attack and cancer, and tobacco use can reduce life span. Nevertheless, life insurance policies that do not have a no-tobacco clause can be obtained.

If you are looking for life insurance companies that don’t exclude tobacco users, you may consider following companies:

  • New York Life
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Prudential Financial
  • Usaa

Life Insurance for People that Chew Tobacco

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking; however, the dangers of using tobacco are not as clear. This product has been around for centuries and recent developments have only increased the harmful effects of chewing tobacco. The use of tobacco products has been directly linked to lung cancer, heart disease, and even early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

You may think that you are not at a risk of heart disease or lung cancer because you simply chew tobacco but the nicotine in tobacco makes it just as dangerous as smoking.

But what about people who want to purchase life insurance without a medical examination? Can you be sure that they will accept you? Will your life insurance purchase be declined based on the use of chewing tobacco? There are so many important factors that may come into play when you purchase life insurance. And for those that use tobacco products, your medical history may be a deciding factor in whether you’re accepted for life insurance coverage or not.

In this article, we’ll answer key questions along with providing useful information that helps people understand how using tobacco impacts your life insurance purchase.

Why You Need an Independent Agent

For the past few years, the insurance world has been made aware of a particular type of risk called genetic risk. Simply put, it means that certain types of people are more likely to acquire certain types of diseases based on their genetic makeup. This is important to know because some of those diseases, like cancer, could be expensive to treat. The key is to catch the cancer at an early enough stage that it’s benign and easily treatable.

That is why people with genetic risk for certain diseases should consider purchasing a cancer insurance policy. If you are at risk for cancer, a health insurance policy probably isn’t the best insurance policy choice for you.

This is because a health insurance policy combines cancer insurance with health insurance. The benefit of this is that you have a lot of options for treatment. This benefits the younger, healthier you, but not necessarily the you who has cancer.

A stand-alone cancer insurance policy is designed for people who already have cancer or who are at a higher genetic risk for having cancer. It is intended to provide you with more options for recovery should you get cancer than a general health insurance policy.

If you are at risk for cancer, the next step is to find an independent insurance agent who can analyze your situation and help you find the plan that’s right for you.