50 ‘Lit’ Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

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Taking Online Surveys

One great way for a teenager to make money is to do online surveys. There are many survey sites that pay out cash for your opinions, but one of the most popular places for teens to get paid is Pinecone Research.

You won’t get rich taking surveys, but if you’re looking for a way to rapidly be added to your “money in the bank” account, taking surveys online is a great way to get started.

Survey Junkie

For many people, paid online surveys provide a convenient way to earn some extra cash. Companies want to ensure that they are getting honest opinions on their products or services. However, many people are not aware that the answers and opinions that they provide can be subject to scrutiny. In an attempt to maintain honesty from respondents, many market research companies have placed a number of safeguards around their survey systems.

The number one way companies ensure truthfulness from survey participants is through anonymity. This refers to the fact that a survey participant is given a survey code when he signs up for a survey that will identify himself. This can then be entered into the website when taking a survey so that the company can link the answers to the survey code. Thereby ensuring that the person providing the answers is indeed the person who signed up for the survey.

Another way in which market research companies ensure survey honesty is through paying to return. This refers to the fact that it doesn’t matter how much time and effort a respondent puts into a survey, he is never guaranteed to receive payment for his time. In fact he is never guaranteed a survey. The market research companies will often not know the gender and race of the person, which is a further safeguard against a certain kind of survey bias.

Inbox dollars

Inbox Dollars reimburses you for online shopping and testing websites with reward points (called Inbox Dollars). The catch is that you have to complete surveys and offers in order to gain enough points to cash out. This one is great for those who are not making a lot of cash but want to start earning money online. The payout is very low at 1 cent per point but Inbox Dollar is an accessible way to get your feet wet … literally … in the online world.

Isurvey world

Looking for some ideas for ways to make money? Browse our catalog of teen jobs that pay cash. You will find a wide variety of choices here from babysitting, to yard work, to delivering newspapers. You can apply for jobs online, too, and the opportunities are wide open. Work when the time and place are right for you. Listings include telecommuting opportunities, work from home business, and part time jobs.

Lifepoints (MySurvey)

If you don’t mind giving out your email address, you’ll be rewarded for participating in surveys. You earn points for each survey you complete, and you can redeem them for gift cards and cash.

To sign up, visit the Lifepoints website and click on Get Started for a quick tutorial on how to begin earning points. You’ll need to enter a few personal details (gender, date of birth, etc.) as well as your email address. From there, be sure to sign up for their email list. This will give you the scoop on all of their latest offers.



Get Paid to Search and Shop Online

What I love about Swagbucks is that it is possible to make decent amounts of money without putting in a lot of effort. That’s right – passive income. I already mentioned that there are many survey sites where you can make money online, but the truth is, they take quite a bit of time and effort before you get paid. With Swagbucks, the money starts rolling in before you’ve even finished your first survey.

And as I described earlier, you have many different ways to make money with Swagbucks. You can take surveys, watch videos for Swagbucks (I’ll have more details on these in just a second), redeem your Swagbucks for cash or gifts, and more.

In addition to paying you, Swagbucks will also give you bonus points if you do certain things, like adding them to your browser.

You can have as many Swagbucks account as you like and you can even create multiple accounts using a different email address. This makes it unnecessary to share an account with someone else, plus you can easily keep track of how much Swagbucks you are earning and redeeming.

Shop w/ Rakuten

The Top Online Shopping Source for Teens!

Launch Your Own Blog

Many high school students struggle to pay for the basic necessities during the school year. And having a part-time job during the school year can be difficult if you’re trying to maintain your grades.

While working a part-time or full-time job during high school is always a good option, many people find it difficult to get a foot in the door.

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of businesses that are not only clamoring for the services of young people, but are also interested in hiring them to gain life skills and to make a difference in the community. One such business opportunity for teens and young people is in blogging.


If you enjoy spending time with children and you’re good with your hands, you could start a babysitting business and watch that extra allowance add up. It’ll be helpful to have a cell phone and wear professional clothes.


If you love to help others understand topics, consider online and in-person tutoring. With the huge growth in the online tutoring field, it’s the perfect business for someone who can’t work with kids face to face. You can teach any area, including writing, math, social studies, science, reading, and more.

If you enjoy teaching in person, look for opportunities at your school for tutoring or creating study groups. Many high schools and colleges pay their students to tutor fellow students.

Become a Language Tutor

If you want to make money as a teen without a conventional job, consider becoming a language tutor. You can teach English, Spanish, French or any other language to students in your home, and can decide how much you charge.

You will, however, need to do some prep work to get your certification as a language tutor.

If you have your GED or a diploma, you can take a class at a local college, community college or language school to get a credential.

If you don’t have a GED, consider taking online classes, which will allow you to study on your schedule and on your own.

Buying & Selling… Stuff

Is there anything you’re looking to give away or would like to purchase? Post a free ad or an offer to buy something you want in exchange for something you’re willing to provide, and keep your fingers crossed.

Maybe you have some old toys and knickknacks that you don’t really play with anymore, or a bunch of old game system accessories that nobody else wants. You can always put them up for sale on eBay to get some cash in your pocket.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting can be a great way for a teenager to earn money. Look for a neighborhood that you often walk by that has doors that are always open and windows that are left open when the family is away for days at a time. Leave a note on the door letting them know that you will be happy to pet sit if they’re interested.

Dog Walking

Whenever you walk a dog, the dog gets a sense of purpose and can enjoy its day without the concerns of playtime or hunger. This is the reason pet owners are always on the lookout for people like you who walk their pets.

{1}. Check with your local veterinarian to see if he or she knows of a pet owner who might like to have a walker. 2. Contact your local humane society or animal rescue for job leads.
{2}. Ask your parents if they know anyone who might need a walker. 4. Post flyers around the neighborhood with your contact information, stating that you are willing to walk dogs for a small fee.
{3}. Post an ad on Craigslist as a part-time or full-time dog walker. 6. Offer to walk a neighborhood dog in exchange for free training or obedience lessons.

Garage Sale Prepper

If you are an avid garage saler, you can make some extra money by getting rid of perfectly good stuff at your own garage sale. That way, you can clean out your closet and get some extra cash at the same time. Make sure that you price your garage sale items under retail or online market value.

Session Musician

Teens can learn valuable music skills such as playing in a band, performing a song for others, and setting up and tuning a musical instrument. Many of the following jobs will also require the teen to learn computer, business, hospitality, and customer service skills. In addition, there are opportunities in music performance, music reviewing, instrument repair, and instruction.

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is a trade association for all types of music schools, programs, teachers, and students. Sessions schools must be members of NAfME in order to be members of the Association of Professional Music Schools (APMS). The APMS is an organization that accredits music teacher education programs. Music session jobs are available in every state and in most major cities, both large and small.

Camp Counselor

As a teen, you don’t need any experience to land a job as a camp counselor. In fact, most camps will prefer a younger counselor who can keep up with the kids. Even if you have no experience, consider applying at summer camps, sports camps, day camps, wilderness programs and teen leadership programs. Summer camps are one of the best places to earn money as a teen because most of them run 8 to 10 weeks.

Mother’s Helper

Mothers know that it’s impossible to keep the house clean and tidy all the time when you’ve got little ones running around. Here’s where you can fit in. Clean the house for a few hours every week. You can do the heavy cleaning chores while your mom does the rest.

If you can get your room clean, help out with the common areas. You may need to buy cleaning products, but your hard work will pay off when your family feels more comfortable in a clean home.

How to get it: Ask your mom if you can give her a hand. Look for cleaning jobs at the nearest nursing home or long term care facility.

Make and Sell Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is the place where independent artisans sell their handmade items. Things like clothing, jewelry, clothing accessories, and home decor can all be sold on Etsy. Etsy is perfect for anyone with a creative side. They have no age restrictions, but the company does ask its users to be at least 18.

If you think you have some talent in selling crafts, making items for sale on Etsy is a great way to make a bunch of extra money. And you don’t have to be some kind of guru to start.

Why not try selling some of your hand-made artwork like paintings or drawings? After all, this is what teenage artists can do.

One of the great things about selling art on Etsy is that there is no age restriction. So whether you twelve-year old daughter (or son) has a rare gift in painting, they can sell their art on Etsy.

If you’re school-going still, try to impress your art teacher. Or maybe see if you can recruit one of your friends in the art class to start an artsy business together. Even if your drawings and paintings are not that good, you can find other handicrafts that you can make to sell on Etsy.

Right from the start, let the buyers know that your paintings are creations informed by a 13-14 year old mind, and you might be surprised how many of them will buy.

Pool Lifeguard

Skate Guard

A skate guard is a person whose job is to keep skateboarders safe while they’re riding. Safety is of extreme importance to skateboarders and parents, which is probably why skate guards are typically employed in public areas and at schools. If you’re an independent skater, you may also want to consider employing a skate guard if you start to attract a lot of people while you’re skating in a specific public area.

Skate guards can be contracted to watch over large public areas, such as a city football field, and a lot of times they give out little flyers to children that read “Don’t skateboards on the grass” or something of that sort. They try to direct the skaters to certain areas, so that control over the skateboarding can be maintained and so that the skaters can be kept safe.

The responsibilities of a skate court include:

  • Avoiding collisions with other boarders or pedestrians
  • Preventing injuries in case of collisions
  • Preventing the skateboarder from causing damage to shops or other private property
  • Removing damaged and discarded skateboards
  • Creating an obvious boundary between the skating area and other pedestrian traffic

Work in an Amusement Park

I love taking my kids to an amusement park like Six Flags or Disneyland in California, Busch Gardens in Florida, or Cedar Point in Ohio. But as a kid I actually found amusement parks very intimidating.

You’re pretty much left in the middle of nowhere with crowds of kids and adults that could easily scare you. But once I gained confidence in myself and my abilities things changed completely!

As a young adult in high school, I had the chance to work in a theme park and it was a truly life changing experience. You get to meet so many people, have so much fun, and make so many memories.

I met and worked with people from all over the country, learned how to work under pressure, and gained enough confidence to try things I never thought I would ever attempt.

The money was also pretty good and that helped me buy my first car when I turned 16!

The working hours are long and the shifts can be long but you get pretty good days off so you can chill in between shifts.

Personal Assistant

Have you ever watched your parents do something and thought hey, I could totally do that? Now’s your chance. Disclaimer: if you are related to the person you are helping, (meaning, blood relation) you probably shouldn’t become their PA, unless it’s just something you do for fun that they don’t mind paying you for. If they are a friend or relative that you are helping, hand them the PA job. You’ll get a larger paycheck.

If this is someone you don’t know, and you charge a lot of money due to your particular skills (such as typing, data entry, internet research, etc) or help them in an office where your boss won’t mind you working for another person during your time off, it’s likely you’ll be able to rake in a lot of cash.

Making YouTube Videos

Do you like the idea of making money on YouTube? If you have a friendly, relatable personality, then YouTube is a great option for you.

On YouTube, your main goal should be to create a consistent, long-term channel rather than trying to skate to wherever the puck is.

Once you have regular views (four or more a week is a good benchmark), you can start monetizing your videos. If you have over 10,000 views, you can monetize through either AdSense or YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Using both together allows you to make the most money.

To use both, you need to meet a few criteria:

‘ You have a channel with more than 10,000 lifetime views.

‘ You have more than 1,000 subscribers.

‘ You have uploaded videos regularly for more than two months.

‘ You have one monetized video.

‘ You are at least 13 years old.

Google’s policies change from time to time, so these requirements could be different when you check. Check out this detailed video from Digiday to find out more.

A membership with the Digital Entertainment Group, an organization that represents YouTube content creators, can be valuable as well.

Teach Computer Basics to Older Folks

While kids are gaming online, Grandma is probably trying to figure out how to use her new laptop. Teach her how to use a keyboard and mouse, and print an old family photo. Consider going to a local senior center or library and teaching a class on how to use computers to younger people of all ages. Your local library may have a program that pays their workers to teach classes.

Create and Sell Art

If you have an artistic streak – either in drawing and sketching, or in photography, or in any other media – it can be a great way to make a bit of pocket money.

All you need to do is create a website with your artistic skills showcased and you’ll be able to reach a wide audience easily. Don’t underestimate the reach of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

New artists have a great opportunity there, even without a big following.

If you’re not a great artist but have a knack for details, look for an artist willing to pay to make his artwork perfect. Then offer to do all of the detailed work. In fact, try to position yourself as a long-term partner. Here’s where your negotiable skills can come into play. If the artist values your skills and work, he’ll be open to paying you more. If you are invaluable to an artist, he or she will want you to work more often.

Become an Event Photographer

If you are into photography, you may want to find a local business and offer to take photos and video at their events. Many companies will be happy to hire you because they know that you won’t charge them much. And, you can put together some money-making photo packages for your clients and sell them at a great, low price.

This is a win/win for both of you. You are able to make money and your client gets amazing photos or videos that they can use for marketing or for social media.

Work in a Movie Theater

Many people I know don’t like to go to the movies anymore because tickets are too expensive, snack prices are outrageous, and they’re bored with the films. However, movie theaters are often more than just a place to watch a movie. Attending a new release in the theater is like being part of an interactive event. There are trailers, commercials, and plenty of people-watching time. In fact, one of the reasons why modern movies are so good is because film executives understand how to make movies that will play well in theaters.

If you enjoy theater-going, a part-time job at a movie theater is a fun way to earn some cash, get free movies, and meet interesting people. And, because a movie theater has a lot of young customers, it’s a great place to make friends.

Here are a few of the many reasons why a part-time job at a movie theater is a great idea for teenagers:

Your tips will be directly related to how well you smile, how much you practice your “Thank you!”s, and how neat you keep the theater.

Housecleaning Assistant

The housecleaner will usually hire an assistant to help with cleaning and getting the house ready for each visit. You have to be reliable, open to direction and very detailed. Some houses are hard to keep clean…basements, attics, etc.

Give Music Lessons

There’s a pocket of elementary schools in the Los Angeles area that are home to a number of talented music teachers. They have mastered their instruments and have decided to take their passion and turn it into a business. All of them are 19 or 20 years old. They’ve tried out the music industry and decided to go independent. They’ve built their own brand, advertise themselves, and teach their peers. In addition to music lessons, another of the teachers offers acting lessons to students in elementary school.

Music lessons are easy to provide and can be done in any setting. While most teachers charge by the hour, you can consider other options to make the most of your youth. Suggest that your students bring their parents with them for a lesson. This will ensure that they both sign up for lessons and promote you.

If you don’t know how to play an instrument, that’s okay – you can teach voice. It’s very common in the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas to see a young teenager on the corner singing to the masses. If you have an amazing voice, it would be a pity not to turn it into a profitable business.

Washing Cars

One of the most lucrative youth work from home jobs is washing cars. If it’s your first time getting into washing cars, you may want to have a trial wash or a trial run with an amused family member. Because it is important to get the job done right so the customer keeps coming back for more. Make sure you use plenty of water for rinsing, too. This is so you have less work involved with wiping down the car and getting it dried.

Start off with asking family and friends. This will get your feet wet and get a feel for how much people are willing to pay for car washing. This will also give you a good sense of how you want to scale up your business. As a teenager, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to a pressure washer in the beginning. But it’s a fun purchase to make as you grow your business and make it more successful.

Fiverr and Upwork

Find others doing something you can do and outsource it. If you can’t do something or you’re not talented, you can still sell your time doing it for little money.

Putting Up/Taking Down Christmas Decorations

Depending on the age of the person paying, this can be a great little gig. You must be good with your hands and you may have to travel with the person hiring you. A classic Christmas decoration maintenance gig that is somewhat seasonal, but can be an easy way to make a little extra cash.

Light Hauling

Everyone is throwing away perfectly good stuff! You can start picking up some extra cash by collecting things that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Walk around your neighborhood, collecting items that have been thrown away. Don’t worry, people won’t think you’re a trashy kid as long as you’re walking around with shoes on. Collect anything you can use at home like vegetables from the garden, metal or wooden pieces to make furniture, broken pots, rusty tools. You can even collect items that can again be used as raw material for art or craft. Not only will you make some money but you’ll learn how to make use of discarded things.

Sell Your Computer and Internet Skills

Are you a whizz with computers? Then you may be able to make money from your technical abilities. If you’ve developed social media skills, then you could be perfect for someone who wants to expand their online presence.

Are you aware of any teens developing online content or gaming skills? Then you could recommend them to companies that are looking to hire content creators or developers.

Do you have any specialist video-editing, audio engineering, or podcasting skills? Then you could offer your services to local bands and actors who may not have the knowledge, time or money to develop these skills themselves. They’ll be happy to pay for your time and knowledge base.

With today’s extensive social media networks, it’s no wonder that there are companies out there willing to pay you to develop their social media presence. Do you have any design, marketing, communication, admin or other skills in the digital space? Then you could build a business creating, managing and developing social media accounts and digital platforms for businesses.

Amateur Referee

Okay, so you know how to play soccer, tennis, or whatever. But do you know how to referee the professionals? In certain sports, you can work as a professional referee. You can officiate college games and the games of minor league teams. And there are some leagues that allow you to work your way up to the major leagues and officiate the games of pro athletes. If you don’t have a lot of experience officiating, this can be a good way to start.


MusicXRay is a great place if you’re looking for additional income, because they pay pretty good with $.50 a pop for reviews and $.75 a pop for full-critiques. All genres of music are accepted and reviewed, meaning that you’re one step closer to your dream job and salary.

They pay outs every Friday, providing you with a way for you to make your extra cash and spend your time having fun. There’s really nothing negative about MusicXRay except that the contract is very long-winded, but you just have to stay on top of it as you go or else you won’t see any money.

Running Errands

You can make a few bucks a week delivering flyers, cashing checks, and doing odd jobs for neighbors. All you need is a business card and some business clothes (if you have them!).

Write Web Content

Websites need content written in support of their topic. And that’s something you can help with.

For example, some websites need a specific article a week, while others need two specific pieces of content a month. Either way, you should be able to fit into their schedule.

When you start out, you’ll have to submit a sample article for approval, and they’ll guide you through writing it (as they should!). So if your now-deleted Vampire Fan Fiction sounds interesting to them, then you’re in luck!

Should you get an article published, you’ll be paid a set amount of money – maybe a dollar or two, maybe a five or ten. It’s worth your time to shop around for top-notch content writing sites that pay you well.

And, remember the more of these articles you write the more money you can make.

Assisting the Elderly

It is surprisingly easy to find a part-time job that gives you money and an opportunity to be of service to another person. One such type of job is assisting the elderly with a variety of tasks.

What exactly will you be doing?

You may be helping someone shop, pay bills or sort through receipts and mail.

You can also help someone with housework or run errands. “If you come from a long line of family caregivers, it may be one of your life’s passions,” wrote Jenna Birch for the money site, Learnvest.

“Or, if you are one of the youngest in your family and have an older relative who needs more help than you can give, you may have considered what it would take to break into this field and start earning some money.”

Selling Designs on CafePress

From 3D-printed toys and jewelry to digital downloads and DIY home decor kits, today’s teens have a huge range of tools to sell their art to and connect with customers across the world.

In a digital world, it’s easier than ever to get your design ideas to market, whether you’re a creative, a businessperson or both. To give you an idea of how teens today are making money from their skills, here are 50 teen-friendly products you can sell and a variety of creative ways you can make sales.


  • No AGE REQUIREMENT and encourages ALL AGES to send in clothes
  • If ThredUp has your size, you can get 40% to 90% OFF retail
  • They offer a FREE package pickup and are normally paid within 10 days of shipping the package
  • ThredUp will even pay for shipping

If you’re concerned about getting paid from ThredUp, the company prides itself on how fast their members get paid. They are normally paid within 10 days of shipping the package. And if there are any problems, a customer service number is available to help.

Though the payment amounts may be small, the low cost of sending in your clothes, paired with the high discounts, can quickly add up!

Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is one of the many home-based businesses you can start as a teenager. At first, you’ll spend your time mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, and trimming the hedges, but as your business grows, you’ll be able to delegate jobs to employees, pay them, and do the more complex work so you can focus on managing the business.

Start with one or two lawns. Offer to mow at the same time each week, and show up on time. If you do good work, your customers will pay you for continued service and recommend you to their friends. Be proactive about getting business by asking neighbors, knocking on doors and putting up flyers.

Golf Caddy

Golf caddies hold a special place in golfing history because, well, they are an integral part of the game.

The role of a golf caddy is to carry golf bags filled with clubs, balls, tees, and towels. Caddies are typically divided into two categories: bag carriers, who just carry the bags and don’t provide any other services, and walking caddies, who also provide advice on club selection and strategy. The latter tend to make better money than bag carriers.

Starting a summer as a golf caddy at a local country club can be a good way to get the experience you need. In fact, this may be just the opportunity you need to get into golf as a serious game.

Find Odd-jobs on Craigslist

Finding gigs on Craigslist that aren’t already saturated with applicants can be challenging, but there are still a few gems available. Even if the listing doesn’t have a specific age range specified, if you’re under 18 then you must put “teen” or your age in the about section. The job should be very clearly stated, enclosed in an attractive title and include things like contact information, pay rate, and hours worked.

Also make sure to include a cell phone number/e-mail address in your inquiry. You’ll want to keep all the contact information handy just in case the job provider wants to get in touch with you.

Final Tip: Like most craigslist postings, there’s a good chance that it will be deleted after a certain amount of time. Be sure to read the posting carefully and learn when it was posted so that you can be on the look out for a new posting.

Collect and Recycle Metals

If you can collect and recycle metals to be used in the industrial sector, you can earn a decent profit and it can be easily done.

This can be done anywhere and you can start by cleaning and gutting old machinery and electronics. You can easily recycle copper, aluminum and iron from wires, batteries, and other metal-rich parts. This is an easy way to earn some extra money and you can get started with your own collection.

You should have in mind that this business is quite risky as it’s not easy to get the equipment and materials for your activity. That’s why you should inform your parents about your plans and using this money project as a learning experience.


With a 3.1 billion dollar revenue in 2009, Snagajob is a great employment site for teens to join.

Snagajob is a national employment website that allows people to post a description of their job search and employers to search job seekers by location, job skills, availability, and more.

Snagajob offers an exclusive job network for users aged 16-19. The network is password protected and designed to teach teens how to search for jobs, apply to jobs, negotiate, socialize and keep up with social networking.

Video Editing

There are tons of videos out there, many of which need some editing done. If you love movies and you’ve always wanted to be a part of the movie-making process, this line of work is perfect for you. You can do this in your free time. You don’t necessarily need to become a professional editor as there are plenty of people out there looking for some help with video editing.

Digitalizing Photos

If you once had a stack of family photos that have been exhausted from over-use, you may want to consider scanning them to create digital copies. They can work well for greeting card companies, and you can sell them for whatever the market will bear.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning Out Basements or Garages

Chances are, your parents have a few things that they would love to get rid of. Asking them if you can sell their stuff for them is an easy way to make some money. Most people don't have the time or the patience to sell unwanted items, but if you already have a blog or you've made something like Cards for Causes, you're in business! You can sell items on eBay, in person to friends and family, or post on a Facebook yard sale page.

Become a Party DJ

Parties and music go hand in hand, so setting up a home music system spruced up with some DJ equipment is a great way for teens to make money. If you are a teenager that loves rock or hip hop music, this could be a great home business for you.

Make sure that you can spin MP3s off iTunes or CDs before setting up shop – people want their favorite songs and you’ll need that equipment. Do some research to find out how much other DJs are charging and try to undercut them a bit. Say the music is provided and just charge to set it up and supply the equipment. This can be a really fun and lucrative business that will be very enjoyable for you, even if it’s just an entrepreneurial side project.

Banging on Doors

Depending on where you live, you may be able to sell items door-to-door. Common items people are looking for include office supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, and other office supplies.

If you don’t sell paper goods, you can try selling greeting cards, magazines, knickknacks, and even clothes. If you have a friend or family member who lives in the nice, upper-class neighborhood, you could also try knocking on their doors.

As a previous salesperson, I can tell you that there is really no other profession like it. It’s a lot of fun, addictive, and can bring home a good amount of money as well.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money as a Teenager

Make no mistake: it’s possible to make money as a teenager. If you’re willing to give it a shot, follow these steps to jump-start your financial future. Your 20s are the perfect time to start saving for longer-term goals such as a college education, a house down payment, or retirement … to name a few.

Getting started now can prepare you to achieve financial goals you never thought possible. It’s never too early or too late to start making, saving, and investing money. If you set goals early (even when you’re still in high school) and hit the ground running once you’re old enough, you’ll have a much better chance at financial success than if you wait.

Don’t let your age stop you from getting the financial help you deserve! Start your search for the high school internship you’ve always wanted by hitting CTRL + F or going to >Link to search this page<.