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Not All Conveniences Are Created Equal

About and Its $100K Guarantee

How Does Compare to Competitors?

After working with TaxAct for the last few years, I’re pleased to say that the company has managed to maintain its reputation. Their online tax filing services have remained top-notch, and they have added a few improvements that make the process even easier. The website is user friendly and simple to navigate. TaxAct has added a new Predictive Coding option that guides users through questions on unreported income and expenses. The price is affordable, which is another bonus for customers.

Some may wonder how TaxAct tracks your information to file your taxes, but don’t worry they only use it to help you get your maximum refund. If you prefer to track your income and expenses by hand, you can. If you’re a long-time TaxAct customer, you’ll see that they’ve added mobile file. This means you can file your taxes and track your refund from your smartphone. If they’ve been upgraded to offer the new feature, you can select which areas of your return you’re ready to file. The mobile feature is free to use, which is great because you can be choosier about when and where you file your taxes.

Besides file-your-return services that are available all year, TaxAct also offers some limited services through the TaxAct Online PayNow Platform.

The Real Fees for Using TaxAct and Other Services

I hate calling or writing to my accountant, or, worse, sitting in her office for hours. Not only does it cost a lot of time and money, but the process takes forever and there’s nothing to show for it at the end, other than a big bill! I don’t need an expert to tell me how to deduct my medical bills or my state income taxes. The real problem is the amount of time and money I waste getting my taxes done. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

That’s why a lot of people have started using tax filing software or using a remote online tax preparation service. These services are convenient, affordable, and they save you time and money. And unfortunately, most of them have limited capabilities and put you at risk for making a lot of mistakes. It can be surprising to find out how much you could be losing in the long term by using the cheapest service.

How’s User Experience Compares

Despite being one of the biggest players in the tax prep industry, TurboTax has entrenched its place in the market by providing an intuitive user experience. Compared to TurboTax, TaxAct’s user interface can be a bit overwhelming for new users, although it still provides a wealth of information that can be easily viewed for quick reference. TaxAct provides a lot of industry-standard information, such as tips from financial experts about retirement planning and filing. This information can help users to better understand and complete their tax return.

The real-time analysis feature that TaxAct provides allows you to view your deductions and credits, so you can fix any potential errors before you file your taxes. Overall, TaxAct provides an intuitive user experience that is an affordable way to file your taxes.

The TaxAct Guarantee: Reliability and Accuracy Matter… a lot

The reason why you should consider switching is quite simple: TaxAct guarantees the accuracy and reliability of its service. Unlike other tax software services, the TaxAct team is committed to your complete satisfaction, hence the TaxAct Guarantee, which ensures that your federal tax return submissions are accurate and easy to complete. As such, TaxAct offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 7-year 100% Accuracy Guarantee.

Another great thing about TaxAct is that it’s very user-friendly. Anyone can use it without needing to spend countless hours trying to figure it all out. This is a good thing especially for those who are not familiar with all the intricacies of preparing, filing and paying taxes.

TaxAct is also one of the most full-featured online tax software services available right now. You get access to the complete federal return forms and schedules, unlimited free federal and state e-file, dozens of free tax deductions and credits, multiple filing status options, and many more. So, TaxAct is the easy, affordable and accurate way to take care of all your tax-related needs.

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