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NVR Mortgage Facts

NVR, Inc. operates as a homebuilding and retail real estate company in the United States. It operates through three segments: Homebuilding, NVRM, and Other Businesses.

The Homebuilding segment secures, develops, sells, and leases homes. The company builds single-family homes for first-time and move-up buyers under the Ryan Homes, NVHomes, Heartland Homes, Ciminelli, Chesmar, and D.R. Horton brands in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Overall, NVR Mortgage is a good mortgage lender. They were founded back in 1978 and have been around for quite some time. There have been several issues in the news recently and below we will take a look at the highlights of these issues and give our take on them. We have also done an analysis on a few articles to see if there was any wrongdoing that was found.

In particular we will take a look at lender compensation, laws some states use to penalize lenders who foreclose too often and the recent lender settlement reached over industry practices in the mortgage crisis.


A recent NVR Mortgage Rate Review of the top NVR mortgage rate offers from the nation’s three largest mortgage brokerage companies shows that rates on mortgages are near historic lows, in some cases even lower than they were during the height of the 2008 economic crisis.

This housing finance news update analyzes the best interest rates available in the current market, comparing NVR mortgage rates and conventional mortgage rates and looking at the impact of low rates on the housing market.

Current NVR Mortgage Rates

Now is a good time to take a look at the latest mortgage rates from NVR Mortgage Rates. The 30 year mortgage rate is at 3.59 with the 15 year fixed at 2.72%.

These rates are very good, and they are comparable to some of the long term rates available from other prime lenders.

NVR Mortgage Rates makes loans to qualified home buyers. The loans offered are fully amortized fixed rate mortgages. The loans have no prepayment penalties. The down payments that NVR accepts is between 7.5% and 10%.

For borrowers who have higher credit scores (greater than 680), loans can be had with down payments of about 5%.

There is no lender fee associated with loans from NVR Mortgage Rates. NVR rates are available exclusively to the public over the Internet.

Rates are fixed for the life of the loan. Rate adjustments are done monthly. Rates are quoted as the lowest rate possible, and that rate is available for conforming loans that are at or below median property value in the metropolitan are where the borrower will reside.

NVR rates are not guaranteed until after they are locked. The rates are subject to change by NVR Mortgage Rates without notice or obligation.

NVR Loan Specifics

Founded in 1958 by William N. Vaughn, NVR, Inc. (NYSE: NVR) is an Iowa-based homebuilding company that went public in 1986. At the time of this writing, the company has 147,000 active home sites, 84 corporate locations, approximately 16,000 employees, and operates in 22 major markets in the U.S. including California, Colorado, the Carolinas, the Washington, D.C. area, Florida, Hawaii, the Midwest (Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois), and the Northeast. NVR’s primary business is homebuilding, with particular specialization in new homes for first-time home buyers.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

If you just want the basics and don’t care to see a detailed analysis of the different fixed-rate mortgages and how they compare to one another, then maybe our quick analysis chart will work best for you.

The quick chart doesn’t contain every mortgage option out there. Rather, it gives you an overall comparison of the different rates. It’s just a starting point to help you narrow down right away. Hopefully, it will help you identify the right mortgage option based just on price and interest rate alone.

If you decide to continue your search, then you can either go to our main fixed-rate mortgage search tool or use the chart below to help you narrow down.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

A fixed-rate mortgage is one that the interest rate remains fixed for the length of the mortgage. The interest rate is what you owe the bank each month for borrowing. At the end of the month, the bank's obligation is fulfilled when you remit your payment.

Because of this fixed rate, there's one thing you can depend on for the duration of the mortgage: It's that you'll pay the same amount of interest each month.

An adjustable-rate mortgage or ARM, has an interest rate that varies over the term of the loan. Some ARMs have a fixed rate during an introductory period. Others offer several adjustable rates during the loan term. Still others have a hybrid ARM, which means that the first 3 to 10 years are fixed, and then the interest rate can adjust each year after the introductory period.

ARMs became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and ARMs accounted for more than 25% of home financing volume in 1985.

The greatest appeal of ARMs was their lower interest rate.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

You can buy an FHA-backed mortgage if you meet certain income and credit requirements and you meet the basic requirements of the FHA program. The process is similar to that of applying for a conventional loan.

The difference between a conventional loan and an FHA loan is that you pay a mortgage insurance premium in order to qualify for an FHA loan. The premium is added to your monthly payment, but once you have the loan for 15 years, you can request to cancel the monthly policy payments.

Veterans Affairs (VA)

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Loans

Jumbo and Conforming Loans

What’s Inside?

Every borrower has different needs. Your lender will help you find the best loan terms for your situation and financial goals. In addition to your credit history and score, your income and assets will play a significant role in determining the type of loan you qualify for. Home loan applications are reviewed from a number of angles before the lender makes the decision to approve or deny the loan.

A jumbo loan will be more suitable if you have an excellent credit score, a high income, and are buying a home in a more expensive neighborhood. Additionally, jumbo loans usually have a more competitive interest rate.

Conforming loans are better if your credit score is less than stellar, your current income is lower than the national median, and your assets are not high enough to qualify for a jumbo loan. Another way to think of a conforming loan is that it has a lower ceiling for how much it can be used for.

The higher the credit score, the higher the income, and the larger the assets, the lower the interest rate and more desirous of a loan you will be.

Mortgages for First-time Homebuyers

When you buy a home, you may be required to pay a title or settlement fee. This is the fee that is charged to publicly record your home’s title in a local registry.

Second Trusts

If you have taken out a mortgage in your name, you might have considered naming a trust as a beneficiary to make sure that your loan passes on to a loved one when you pass away.

But you might be surprised to learn about a different type of trust, called an “Nominee Trust” or a “Mary Robinson Trust,´ after its creator. These types of trusts can be established for people who have not yet gotten around to preparing a will, to ensure that their home can pass to a named beneficiary.

These types of trusts do not have to be legally probated. The property passes to bypass probate automatically, so there is no lengthy court procedure involved in most cases.

As a second trust, a Nominee Trust or Mary Robinson Trust might help protect your property for younger relatives, since you do not need to be legally deceased in order to establish one.

You are able to avoid probate and you can name a successor to continue making payments on the mortgage and take on other financial responsibilities, as you would with an executor in a will.

Extended Locks

NVR Mortgage Customer Experience

There are few other FHA lenders out there that give you as many choices as NVR Mortgage does. They want to be sure that you get the mortgage that is right for you and your family. That is why they compare your credit with other lenders and give you the best rate.

When you fill out the application, they match your data with other lenders available in the marketplace. The loan officers from NVR Mortgage compare your data with those competitors to make sure that you are getting the best loan offer for your needs.

One of the best features of this loan offer is that you can specifically choose which loan officers you want to work with. You can go in and select one of their many loan officers to work with you. This is a great feature, especially if you have some family or friends who have worked with them. This is truly the best loan offer available right now.

If you haven’t worked with them before, don’t worry. They will go through the entire process with you. If you have a question, they will send you to one of their loan officers to help you.

They will help you through the whole home-buying process. They gather and organize your information when you fill out the loan application and then they will connect you with an FHA home loan lender to work with you.

NVR Lender Reputation

Lender Reputation Scores Matter

NVR has assembled one of the most talented teams of loan officers and loan consultants in the business. Because of this, they are able to work with more than 3,300 different lenders and brokers.

NVR provides an interest rate lock service in an effort to protect customers from interest rate fluctuations. What’s more important is that they guarantee the loan quality. That’s right. They guarantee the quality of their loans. There are many review sites that try to maintain the quality of lender they rank and NVR has been ranked by them. The result is that NVR is able to provide these guarantees.

NVR has achieved a strong reputation through banker excellence as determined and rated by Originator and Institutional Investor reporting.

NVR Mortgage Qualifications

What do you Need to Get NVR Mortgage Rate?

NVR Mortgage is slightly less strict when it comes to the qualifications for a home loan as compared to other lenders. Its customer base is also highly diversified as it caters to both urban and rural areas across the nation.

What NVR mortgage rates and offers do they have?

This is the best lender for strong borrowers.

Higher amounts can be obtained.

The interest rate with this lender is typically higher than other lenders.

With the right credit history, the interest rate can be low.

NVR Mortgage is US Agency based. Their lender options are extremely flexible and give borrowers a lot of opportunities to work with a lender they feel comfortable with.

NVR Phone Number & Additional Details