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What is Chase Blueprint?

A Complete, Personalized Code of Conduct for Remarkable Living.

Chase is a personal development and positive psychology site which was founded with the aim to address personal issues related to personality development and how our thought processes can inflict or give us a mental advantage in our lives. They are a very well-articulated educational and personal analysis site explaining a mixture of the latest research findings on our habits and thought processes.

What Does Blueprint Help Me With?

The Chase Blueprint program was designed to help customers discover how to build a plan to achieve their financial goals. The program is centered on the idea that "simple, easy-to-understand steps accomplished together are more powerful than one individual effort.”

Individuals are celebrated as the main reason why Chase is able to help on the small business, home equity loans, certain credit cards, auto loans, and investment products that they offer. Chase gives millions of customers the opportunity to improve their finances with a variety of tools and services.

The Chase Blueprint program was created to guide individuals through their own specific circumstances. The goal is to provide helpful tips and encourage them as they work toward their financial goals. Blueprint is a completely free service that is available to anyone in the country that has a mortgage, a small business, or a Chase credit card.

Chase Blueprint is a web based program that offers many different tools. They offer an account analysis, which is a 24 page report on an individual's credit score, loans, and account balances. They offer tips that help individuals eliminate debt, take out a home equity loan, or improve the credit of an individual or business. In addition, they offer tips on managing and growing a small business.

Which Chase Credit Cards Come with Blueprint?

Chase Blueprint isn’t a credit card; it’s a rewards program designed to help you meet your financial goals. Benefits of Blueprint include rewards on everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas, and pharmacy items.

The Blueprint rewards program is available with the following Chase credit cards:

  • Chase Freedom
  • AARP credit card
  • Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa
  • Chase Ink Preferred (business credit)

The rewards program, which is still relatively new, highlights two key accruing features:

At the cardholder’s discretion, the rewards from Blueprint can be used for cash back or transferred to airline miles. Additionally, cardholders can receive up to 30% on their purchases from participating online shopping vendors.

Today, we’re going to break down the Blueprint program to see if it’s worth your time.

Chase Slate® card

Comes with Chase BlueprintSM.® ® Chase BlueprintSM.® gives you tools to manage your existing credit cards, so that you’re always in control.® ®® ® ®

Here’s a quick summary of what’s included in Chase Blueprint®:

  • Credit card management(to make sure you’re not paying too much in interest or fees)
  • Control your spending(so that you’re never left with credit card debt)
  • Get out of debt fast(because credit cards can lead to more debt fast)

Chase Sapphire Preferred® card

Chase Freedom

Offered from Chase, the Freedom credit cards are two of the most popular cards on the market.

Ink Plus® for Business

Is a great choice for people with a long commute or with printing needs that exceed the standard individual plan. If you use your debit card to pay for everyday business expenses, check out this new offer: It allows you to earn rewards on purchases made at office supply stores that are credited to your Chase Ink Business–Plus– Visa Signature card account. It also gives you 5% rewards on services like advertising in select media, and 1% on everything else. You can even earn rewards at office supply stores with your Ink Plus® debit card. And you get monthly bonus reward points if you’re lucky enough to be selected as part of JPMorgan Chase’s customer rewards program.

No, the Ink Plus® cash back program and the Plus® Cash Rewards program aren’t the same. But if you have both a business and personal account, you can take advantage of Plus® Cash Rewards and earn rewards on all the cards linked to your business account.

As with other Chase Ink Cash cards, you can connect Plus® with your Chase Ultimate Rewards program account so you can transfer your Ink Cash rewards into Ultimate Rewards points. Just be aware that the points you earn with the Ink Cash card, and with the Ink Plus® business card, won’t count toward the sign-up bonus miles and points offer for the Chase Slate.