8 Secrets Your Broker Won’t Tell You (and Why You Need to Know Them)

Joseph Meyer
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Brokers Make Money Even if You Don’t.

Retirement isn’t always a smooth ride. Sometimes when trying to make smart investment decisions, you might be surprised by some of the so-called “secret” practices of your broker. Here are eight things you should know about your broker.

High commissions are a good thing right?


While it’s true commissions benefit the broker, the fees can often be so high they cost you money, and sometimes lots of money.

You see, buying the wrong property and losing money in the long run can be just as bad, if not worse than the fees you paid for it.

To help you avoid these 8 commonly occurring commission traps, I’ve written this article and it comes from an insider’s perspective because, I used to be a mortgage broker and I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how mortgage brokers operate.

In fact, if you haven’t already, please pick up a free copy of my eBook À“The 8 Secrets Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell Youò so you can make the best decisions when buying real estate.

Looks good on paper.

It is the phrase that is commonly uttered when someone doesn’t quite understand the benefits of a product and is happy that somebody else is going to do all the work and earn the commission.

This is as true of life insurance as it is of any financial product.

The great thing about insurance is that its value is not dependent on any sector, it becomes more valuable as markets decline and becomes even more valuable as markets rise. It doesn’t matter how many people you tell this to, when it comes