9 Silly Things Rich People Buy That Make Them Look Foolish

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Things that Scream “I’m Rich!”

While many people shell out massive amounts of cash on nice things, especially luxury goods, they don’t reap the benefits of living a life that screams “I’m rich!” and they often have the worst lives.

Richer is not more happier.

Instead of spending your time, energy, and precious money on the things that make you look rich without improving your overall happiness, the best solution is to make yourself a better version of you.

For example, instead of spending money on a luxury watch, which will be outdated in a few years, and not contribute to your overall happiness, how about devoting that money to learning something new? You may not have the most luxurious watch, but you’ll have a valuable skill that will make you relevant.

Things that Make them Into a Target

Rich people often buy things that are useless and not needed. People think rich people are stupid and foolish spending money on extravaganzas. They just buy things that nobody needs.

[[ Sure , some rich people do ridiculous things, but remember that the majority are not like that. Many of them earned their money the right way and just want to live a pleasant life. They find pleasure in solving puzzles, reading books, watching good movies and riding expensive motorcycles. They do things that are unexpected, but are also smart enough to know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. They know how to spend their money the right way, but still have fun at the same time.

Rich people are just like ordinary people, but they have more money because they worked hard to make it happen. They know how to handle money and survive. With money, they can have fun and enjoy life; they have money to spend and the opportunity to do whatever they want.

Monuments to Make Them “Immortal”

Make no mistake, these paintings and statues are earned, they are not given. They are not some kind of “freebie” you get for just being you.

Pictures and statues of you are earned by being the best person you can be and making an impact where you’re at. Use these techniques, find out what works for you, and you’ll be a positive part of history. No one can take that away from you.

If you don’t want to be burdened with building masses of wealth, using the strategies in this guide will enable you to purchase a “statue” of yourself. A one-time cost that will last generations, much longer than any of your monetary assets.

The only way to be seen as “immortal” is to really be immortal. To never leave your niche, to never have an impact on the world.

Conspicuous Consumption as a Lifestyle

Conspicuous consumption is the opposite of conspicuous production (a term coined in 1955 by economist and social scientist Thorstein Veblen). Veblen is credited with creating the idea of conspicuous consumption but noted that it was an internalized desire to be seen as possessing a quality that others don’t have, such as wealth and status.

On Christmas Eve in 1923, advertising executive Bruce Barton helped coin the term “consumerism.” It wasn’t long before conspicuous consumption also came to mean any excessive spending on unnecessary goods and services.

While at some point, a product or purchase can be branded as “conspicuous consumption,” there are a few things anyone can do to protect themselves from appearing foolish before their friends and family whenever they purchase.

Here are nine common things rich people buy that make them look foolish:

Old Mansions

Though it might be difficult to do, if you’re rich, you have the option of buying a larger house so that you have more room in the future. But when you do so, make sure you’re careful to only buy what you can afford. When you purchase an old home, it’s very easy to get carried away and end up spending unnecessary money on renovations.

New Friends

In an attempt to make new acquaintances, many new rich people fall into the trap of purchasing friends to survive their new social circle or transform their image.

People can just be friendly, they don’t need to be purchased. Yes, true friends are hard to find, but having money doesn’t increase your chances of finding some. Don’t waste your money on accessories that bring friends with them. But you can make new friends by joining a club, volunteering, or joining an e-hangout.

Great Big Toys

For some reason, there are people that are so rich that they single-handedly hurt the economy. They buy silly things that just look ridiculous. From giant teddy bears to yachts, to even the weirdest stuff that you can think of, there is no limit to what they spend their money on.

This list is going to show you some of the silly things that rich people buy. I get that being rich is a blessing, but sometimes the things that rich people buy are just plain silly.

Things That Don’t Hold Their Value

We’ve all seen and heard stories about so-called “rich people problems.” Dinners worth thousands of dollars. A trip to space that costs tens of millions. The world’s most expensive yacht.

Yet these activities seem ridiculous to the average person. Why pay large amounts of money for experiences that are outside of the norm?

And if you are a person who spends a lot of money on material goods instead of experiences, you may look incredibly silly.

Put another way, I’ll bet most of you think this image is plain stupid.

Do you really think that buying an expensive gadget, such as the latest iPhone, is a better way to spend money than a trip to Bora Bora?

I mean, seriously, what does a big rock prove?

Supposedly, members of the Y “yes, that Y “ have dubbed their potlucks “doomsday dinners.” It’s a way of saying that “when things go wrong, we will be prepared.”

What Every Other Rich Person Is Buying

Every so called “rich” person knows that you must spend money to make money. What most of them don’t realize is that you’re not going to make money spending money on things that you don’t need to make you look rich.

What I find curious is that most of these rich people were once middle class or even broke. The definitions of what makes a rich person are hard to define but becoming a millionaire is one of them. They know what they did to get their financial foundation and most of them still do today. But now that they are wealthy they seem to forget and instead do the exact opposite of what is required to be wealthy.

I’ve gathered a short list of things that rich people buy that really make them look like fools.

A High-Cost Standard of Living that Gradually Outstrips Your Wealth

The most obvious example of this common behavior is a celebrity naming his or her child “Blue Ivy.” Let’s analyze the high cost of this decision.

First, it is culturally valuable to raise your child to be a regular kid. Yes, you want them to have the opportunity to get into a prestigious school or have unusual hobbies, but you don’t want to start them off very far above the pack.