12 Simple Ways to Save an Extra $7,712.60 this Year

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12 Months of Hustling to Save Extra Money this Year

Month 1: Open a new bank account for a $350 bonus!

Open a new free checking account or a high-yield savings account. Many banks are offering bonus rewards for opening a new checking account or savings account. You can find plenty of offers by doing a quick online search.

Month 2: Get into the habit of taking online surveys for another $300 this year!

Month 3: Sign up for Inbox Dollars to rack up an easy $200.

This is a web-based email program that makes money by advertising on the mail. You get cash back when you buy from various companies.

Month 4: Save extra money with some part-time hours with Uber to earn $1,350 or more!

Uber offers an interesting opportunity. Drivers earn more money on the weekends, perfect for part-time work. Being a part-time driver will give you the ability to work when you want and help you free up time for other important things pursuits at the same time. Uber is known for people meeting friends at night after dinner to chat and have a few drinks, or can be a fun way to make some extra money in your free time. If your region is busy, evening hours and weekends will be the most profitable for you.

Drive on Your Own Schedule

The biggest perk offered by Uber is the ability to be your own boss. Your customers are all in your own hands and you are in charge of schedule and what your hours look like. It takes a little while to get a feel for how to decide when to work. For instance, it’s usually useful to take the odd Saturday or evening job to make some extra cash on the weekends or cover bills, and on the other hand, during the week you may want to take a part-time commute so you have more free time during the day.

Start out slow, finish fast.

Month 5: Invest with Lending Club for another $200+ this year.

You might see more returns depending on how much risk you’re willing to accept.

Month 6: Replace your pricey life insurance with a better product! Save $100+ this year.

We keep adding to our life insurance portfolios year after year, because we think that it’s a regular expense that’s not easy to cut down. But life insurance isn’t a regular expense because you only need it when you have a family to look after.

As your family grows, your life insurance requirements also increase. But you can save thousands of dollars on your premium by keeping your coverage at the right level.

Always buy life insurance when you take out a home or car loan. And be sure to calculate other costs associated with insuring your life.

What are those other costs? You also need to factor in the additional premium you pay for the face amount of the policy if you have other policies (for example: health insurance, mortgage, or auto insurance) with the same insurance company. If you are insured with more than one life insurance policy, you may also be charged for multiple rider costs, such as accelerated death benefit rider, amount for a specific purpose rider, term premium rider, and the waiver of premium rider.

One way to avoid this is to shop for life insurance when you take out car or home loans. Another more affordable option is to shop for life insurance every 2-3 years, just before your insurance term is up.

Month 7: Watch some gorgeous pets in your home for another $500!

Month 8: Save extra money by refinancing your debts for HUGE savings!

In the context of debt management, debt consolidation techniques are a popular strategy to get out of debt. Personal finance experts will often speak of how important it is to have just one monthly payment. They’ll tell you to focus on your monthly payment instead of your debts and to pay it off as fast as you can.

While we all know that getting out of debt from day-to-day is important, that’s not always realistic or sustainable. The real world is full of surprises and unexpected events, and it’s okay to have a debt management plan that accounts for that.

What matters most isn’t whether you have one payment or many, but how much money your spending each month to make those payments. If you can minimize your payment amounts and pay off your debts faster by consolidating, then that is something worth considering. And in fact, it is something worth doing. After all, the faster you pay off your debts, the sooner your debt management plan is set in stone.

If you are paying high interest on your debts and you have the money to pay off your debts faster, then spending a little bit of extra money in the beginning to save a lot in the end is a worthy investment.

Month 9: Test the waters with Swagbucks for another $50.

Month 10: Get rid of a bunch of stuff! Earn $200 or more!

Dusty items you haven’t touched in years deserve a new home.

Month 11: Learn a single online skill to earn another $150+!

Month 12: Resell those holiday gift cards for another easy $100!