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Looking at Survey Voices

Hey there! Survey Voices is a website that allows potential members to sign up for a monthly fee. Survey Voices is not an online survey site in the common sense but provides access to other sites that could link to those generous guys that survey panel, with a small fee acting as a middleman in between.

Survey Voices Review

There are some mixed reviews on Survey Voices, but before getting down into the details, let us consider the main questions of interest:

  • Is Survey Voices Legit?
  • Is Survey Voices a Scam?
  • Is Survey Voices a Safe Website?

All of these are valid questions, but the simple truth is that in this case you are able to expose yourself to a myriad of different reviews. Not all users will be satisfied with the service at Survey Voices, while others might be extremely happy.

I am sure that you will find out yourself what is Survey Voices, if it is worth your time.

The site itself is quite easy to use – there is just a username, a password and a selection between gender – the first two are required, while the last one is not so much. You will be required to complete a demographic questionnaire. This serves as the process where you confirm that you are a human being and not a bot. Once that is over, you are presented with a link.

The Platform

Are you always interested in earning extra money? How about getting paid just to share your opinion on different products and services? At Survey Voices, there is an easier way to go about this, as it is a platform designed to help users get paid for their opinions via voice recordings.

The way it works is that you use a smartphone or web-enabled device to complete voice recordings in exchange for money. After the voice recording is completed, you can either use an existing method of payment to receive the money or transfer it into your PayPal account. Keep in mind that certain countries are not eligible for PayPal transfers. You also need to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. Users from the United States and Canada are eligible to receive cash payments via Payoneer, and those from the UK, Europe, and Australia can receive payments via PayPal. Users can choose to receive their payment via PayPal, Payoneer, or check. In the United States, payments are made through the Dwolla online payment service.

How It Works

Survey Voices is easy to use and simple to get started with. You can sign up in just two minutes. There is no cost for the membership and you don’t need to purchase any product. All you need is a computer or mobile device and a willingness to complete surveys.

In general, the best time to take surveys with Survey Voices is from Monday to Friday between 1 p.m and 8 a.m. Here are a few reasons why.

Many surveys are offered for a limited time only. If you’re late to join the survey opportunity or if you take the survey too late, it may no longer be available when you’re ready.

If you’re late to join the survey opportunity or if you take the survey too late, it may no longer be available when you’re ready. Few people fill out surveys. You will have a better chance of getting your survey accepted by completing it early in the day.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for Survey Voices is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Survey Voices application

Step 2: Enter in your email address and provide your location

After you’ve completed these simple steps and created an account on Survey Voices, you’ll need to wait for your account to be approved. This is a pretty fast process, and Survey Voices will let you know by email when you’ve been accepted, but it does take a bit of time.

After you’ve been approved, you can start answering survey questions on your phone and begin earning money. There are three different kinds of surveys on Survey Voices: surveys, surveys+, and opportunities.

The first kind you’ll see is surveys. This is the most common type of survey on Survey Voices, especially when you first start out with the app. It consists of a few short questions, and you’ll get paid a few cents for each survey.

Surveys+ is a bit better in terms of payout. These surveys tend to be longer than surveys, and you’ll get paid a small amount for each question.

Getting Started

Signing up for Survey Voices is a quick and easy process. You can sign in through Survey Voices’ website or through the Survey Voices mobile app.

Survey Voices has you create a profile by entering your name, email, and date of birth. You also pick a password, your security questions and answers, and you pick your language.

After you’re set up with your account, you can begin completing surveys. And you can start earning gift card rewards very quickly.

The Survey Voices website has a short video that shows you how to complete your first survey. But I’ll go through the process step by step here. I’ll also tell you how to take surveys on your mobile phone.

Should You Use Survey Voices?

There are a lot of things to consider when conducting market research. Make sure you follow the following survey research tips to increase your chances of success.

Create a clear and simple survey.

If your survey is too long, your participants will get bored and end their participation early. On the other hand, a short survey will not give you the appropriate information to help in your research.

Any study or survey that you do should contain between 8-10 questions, depending on the length of your survey.

Cast a wide net.

When conducting any kind of survey, it is important to cast as wide a net as possible. This will help to keep your information as accurate as possible.

Example: if you want to survey the opinions of people who like cake, instead of surveying all people who like cake, you should also survey people who dislike cake and those who are indifferent about the dessert. This will help to give a more accurate representation of the data you are trying to collect.

Make sure your sample is reasonable and practical.

When doing any sort of research, you want to make sure you have a reasonable and practical sample size. If your sample size is too small, you won’t get accurate information.

Is Survey Voices a Scam?

If sounding out survey questions feels like your idea of a horrible nightmare, you probably need to find a different way of making money.

While you could just take some basic surveys to make some side cash, earning money from surveys isn’t the only way you can make money.

As you’ll see, Survey Voices can also be a fantastic way to make money online.

Top Paying Alternatives to Survey Voices

There are tons of survey sign up sites that pay cash. In fact, there are millions of websites, blogs, and social accounts that rely on user feedback and try to make it fun for you in the process. But you can only do so much with just one survey site. This is where Survey Voices comes in. It’s a survey site that has one of the most user-friendly interfaces and that has very high payout rate.

Although many subscribers enjoy Survey Voices and swear by it, there are also a few users who report not getting paid in a timely manner. These incomplete surveys can be a real pain, especially on sites that pay on weekly basis. The problem is that this site doesn’t have any other survey to do. So if you’re someone who values your time, you might want to consider other options. That being said, there are many alternative sites that offer similar user experience to Survey Voices. They pay cash too and they pay you in a timely basis.

If you’re a fan of Survey Voices, giving these alternatives a chance is a serious no-brainer. You could simply sign up on all of these sites and never worry about Survey Voices again. If you’re into surveys, you’ll have no problem filling your day with surveys and making enough money to pay for your lunch.

Key Considerations

Businesses can never grow big enough to provide enough work for everyone who works for them. Whether it’s a one-person business or a million-dollar corporate giant, the fixed costs of expenses and personnel make it impossible to employ all the people. Some of those people will have to stay on the outside looking in, wishing they were on the inside, wishing they could get work from the company that employs the person who stole their job.

Many of these people will be willing to do the work for less than it costs the company to do the work, and they can get the job done better and faster than the guy who’s inside. But they’re on the outside. How do you keep them there? How do you keep them away?

Create barriers.

Big companies hire employees. Small companies hire consultants. Some of your competitors will hire employees and think about the costs. Some of your competitors will hire contractors and think about the costs. You get to hire neither. You hire consultants, and you pay them whatever you want and nothing more. They don’t have to deal with job benefits, matching 401k plans, annual reviews, sick days and paid vacations, and you won’t have to worry about them ever leaving you or passing you by.

Advice on the Best Survey Sites

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money at the end of the month or want to make some additional money in the summer when you have a bit more free time, completing online surveys for money is a good way to do just that. In fact, there are several websites that offer rewards, such as cash or gift cards, for completing online surveys. This is a great way to make extra money without worrying about unnecessary tasks on the job.

The best part about online surveys is that there are several companies that offer this opportunity. The downside is that there is a vast amount of opportunities and making the wrong choice can ultimately make it harder for you to make money. Researching online surveys is a great way to help decide if this is a career path for you and how to effectively use your time when participating in these surveys.

Bottom Line

Survey Voices was launched in 2010 and is one of the most used survey sites online. It is the in-house survey website of Survey Voices Inc., a legitimate research and market research company based in Montreal, Canada.

In my survey voices review I had to learn have no personal experience so I set off to investigate this company.