TradeStation Review – The Active Investing Platform

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About TradeStation

TradeStation is a US based online trading platform that allows users to access real time live market prices and to analyse the financial markets. The company was founded in 1987 by William O’Brien, and was bought by Monex Group in 2006. Monex Group are also the parent company of TradeKing.

TradeStation is one of the biggest trading platforms out there with over 100,000 traders using their service. The trading platform allows users to do full time trading or, use their tools as a part time investor. TradeStation has over 5,000 futures and 17,000 stock and options trading through their mobile app.

TradeStation offers a meanly priced plan for investors. They offer a lot of the tools that features on the more expensive trading platforms, and do so for a lot less money. What you do get is a clean and easy to use platform that allows you to trade the same way full time traders can without having to incur the additional costs.

The TradeStation Pros:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Good for Traders and Investors

The TradeStation Platform

TradeStation was developed by a group of investment professionals. The platform is designed to provide the tools the professionals need to analyze the market.

TradeStation allows you to watch over 1000 markets in over 100 countries. You get to view in current time or from historical stock charts going back ten years. You can monitor your positions and any potential stop losses on charts.

Being an active trader depends on analyzing the markets frequently. TradeStation provides 150 different options for setting up notifications of your desired market activity. TradeStation allows you to set up your own customized alerts to help keep track of activity you are interested in or want to avoid.

To be an expert trader, you need access to the information from around the world. You can get the latest information from various news outlets. There are no subscriptions to set up. TradeStation has over 1200 outlets to choose from. You can also set up customized notifications.

There are many technical indicators used by active traders. TradeStation provides you with over 400 indicators and studies including those you can only use for stock research.

There is a moving average for any market you may wish to trade. TradeStation has over 30 different types of moving averages.

The crossover is an important technique used by institutional traders to enter or exit positions. TradeStation has 17 different types of crossover.

TradeStation Trading Tools

TradeStations’ mobile app supports trading directly from an Android or iOS mobile devices.

Their mobile trading application is supported by Apple Watch and Apple Health app which provides up-to-date information and insights into your trading activity and allows users to quickly update and also add notes to their watchlists … all this with a tap on the wrist.

A trading software buy or sell order can be executed from this application. It also provides for portfolio performance, trading history, as well as research functions.

If you want to trade at the touch of your finger while you are on the go, then you are going to want to consider this product.

TradeStation mobile application offers all of the tools as their full site platform. It offers access to all of the order types, research, and analysis that you’d get with a desktop. It also offers some features that may not be available on the web-based trading platform.

For example, you can roll over any portion of your easily accessible watchlist from your mobile device, which is a feature that you can –t get on the web-based platform. They also make it easy for you to monitor the markets, set alerts, and even set up scans.

TradeStation Features and Benefits

The initial step in investing in securities is often choosing the right brokerage firm. If you are just starting investor, the number of options to choose from can be somewhat overwhelming.

Tradestation is an awesome platform for active trading, and there are several reasons to why it is worth looking into. First, it is available to almost every investor, whether you are new to the online stock market or have been investing for years. There is no account minimum, and there are no fees associated with a standard account.There are several different platforms to choose from, all of which are designed for trading.

Also, another major benefit of the platform is that it works on both Mac and PC operating systems. You can trade from your home office as well as from the office using a virtual private network (VPN).

The platform isn’t just for new investors. It’s also for experienced investors who want the ability to build a more complex portfolio and trade emerging markets.

At the end of the day, however, the beauty of the platform is that it allows you to find the trading strategy that works best for you.

TradeStation Fees

Every trade is a taxable event.

TradeStation Caveats

Will TradeStation Work for You?

Trading is not for everyone. This is why virtual trading systems are becoming so successful. Using your desktop or laptop computer, you can practice trading with real time market data without risking any hard earned money.

Then, when you are confident enough, you can start trading with real money, and you don’t even have to step into a brokerage office! This is especially advantageous for high net worth individuals and active traders, who are looking for a cost effective way to get into the trading business.

The virtual trading system offered by TradeStation called Active Trader Pro, is an active trading platform which mimics an investor’s real trading account. It allows the trader to open and close trades on products listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Nasdaq and on the electronic communications networks.

Within the Active Trader Pro platform, the investor can access mutual funds, futures contracts, stock options, and corporate bonds. Active Trader Pro also offers automatic trading tools and easy to use charts and graphs that are needed to monitor positions and access important trading data.