20 Ways to Invest $100

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High-Yield Savings

You can get a decent return from the right instrument. If your dollars earn at least 2 percent and inflation’s at 2 percent, you have preserving your wealth. So, in a low-rate environment, you should leave your money in a savings or money market account.

Robo Advisors

Robo-advisor is an online investment service that automatically manages your investments by using algorithms. It was previously named Robo-adviser, until Robo and Robo Advisor were both trending articles. A Robo-advisor manages your portfolio for a fraction of the fees that a human financial advisor would charge, at a fraction of the time that it takes to have a financial advisor manually manage your portfolio.

The robo-advisor is not a fully automated investment service… there is always a real person that you are working with.

DIY Investing

Budget is always a constraint, and for many, it’s a very real problem. However, that should never be an excuse to stop you from learning to invest.

When investing, keep it simple and choose a mix of stocks and bonds. Choose exchange traded funds (ETFs) to have multiple stocks in one investment. Also include some international stocks. Then start out small so that you can learn from your mistakes and add to your investments later.

Here are some simplified ideas to help you start investing:

  • Choose your goals and pick an asset allocation
  • Pick an index fund or ETF and buy it
  • Open your account online
  • Determine how regularly to purchase more shares
  • Pick a writing instrument and fill in your investment information

How to Invest 100 Dollars Like A Financial Expert

If you’re in debt, paying down your principal loan on your credit cards or mortgage is your top priority.

But what do you do when you have some cash available? You still should invest for the future. Even if you have some emergency cash, don’t treat it like a windfall.

It may be the case that you’re working on boosting your income or increasing your budget, but there are many things you can do with your extra money.

Investments Worthy of Your One Hundred Bucks

Investing has multiple benefits. You power entrepreneurship, generate social change, and boost the economy. You are also creating more jobs for the people in your community and beyond. Additionally, investing is well aligned with environmental sustainability. The more you invest in businesses, the more likely those businesses will invest in integrating environmental considerations into their business strategy.

While it is sometimes difficult to take the initial financial steps to become an investor, there are lots of ways to get started if you have a little bit of money to invest. Here are 20 ways to get started.

Open a Savings Account

  • almost every bank offers free online checking accounts, and some offer high-interest savings accounts. Check with your bank to see if they have a good deal available.
  • almost every bank offers free online checking accounts, and some offer high-interest savings accounts. Check with your bank to see if they have a good deal available.

Start a 529 Plan/College Investment Account – 529 plans help finance post-secondary education for the beneficiary of the plan. Many states offer their own plans, and many plans from outside your state can be purchased and deposited in any state's account.

529 plans help finance post-secondary education for the beneficiary of the plan. Many states offer their own plans, and many plans from outside your state can be purchased and deposited in any state's account.

Put it in an interest-bearing account – many banks offer high-interest savings accounts and certificates of deposit. If you get a CD, you will likely be locked in for a period of time, which may not be a bad thing if interest rates are going to increase. However, remember that there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

many banks offer high-interest savings accounts and certificates of deposit. If you get a CD, you will likely be locked in for a period of time, which may not be a bad thing if interest rates are going to increase. However, remember that there is a penalty for early withdrawal.


Betterment was founded in 2008 by Jon Stein, the company’s CEO. He started the company after he was unable to find a decent investment platform that was easy to use and could offer more than a very basic set of services.

Currently, Betterment offers more than 40 different investment options, including international stocks and ETFs. But unlike your average robo-advisor, Betterment also offers a taxable investment account (traditional, rollover, Roth) as well as an individual 401(k).

Betterment also offers a paid 401(k) option for your employees. The platform is designed to work well with auto-enrollment, an immediate vesting schedule for your employees, and flexible delivery options. Betterment helps employees save for retirement and allows them to choose from a variety of investment styles based on age.


Money in a savings account with slight interest.

Open a CD account with a high interest rate.

Buy a Treasury Bond that will mature in 10 to 20 years.

Invest in a low-fee stock index fund that will pay a dividend.

Start a Roth IRA that will grow with tax-free income if needed.

Buy a certificate of deposit that will mature in 3 to 5 years.

Open an online savings account with a slight interest rate.

Open a certificate of deposit that will mature in less than a year.

Open a no-fee CD or IRA at a bank with a high interest rate.

Buy U.S. savings bonds in both paper and electronic form.

Buy shares of stock in a mutual fund.

Buy foreign currency that will mature when you travel.

Invest in dividend-paying stocks that are safe.

Open a money market account that will pay interest.

Trade in your old AT&T stock for Sprint stock.

Lending Club

Lending Club is one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platforms in the U.S. Lending Club notes are issued by a registered and insured U.S. bank.

The interest rates are determined by supply and demand and can be higher or lower than conventional lending rates. Investors can invest as much or as little as they want with funding rates ranging from 6.3% to 35.89%.

Interest payments are made monthly and your yield will depend on the performance of your loan and term length.

Your 401(k)

Is like a stranger at your cocktail party. The less you know, the more likely you’ll spend more than you should. So unless your financial adviser is your cousin, be thoughtful of your relationship with him.

Remember: Your 401(k) is carefully calibrated by your employer to lure you into investing a large chunk of your income into one account. I know you’re curious about the potential of this account, but tread carefully. I’ve seen an unwary libation drain many a 401(k) in one night.

So before you take up drinking this month, consider dropping a similar sum in a different kind of cocktail. A smart, well advised investment in a stick of land, a small business, a fine wine collection or a painting may be a great way to build your retirement nest egg.



Books are one of the classic investments and have a lot of different benefits that most people don’t think about. Not only do you get to learn something new from almost every book you read, but some of the best authors are actually the best teachers. If you’re looking to get introduced to a new subject or if you’re looking to brush up on yours, investing in a book or two about a few subjects that interest you is a great way to go.

There are so many brilliant books out there and a lot of great authors that you can read. Some of them are used textbooks and some of them are new releases that are really great reads. There’s so many things that you can learn in a book; you just have to be willing to invest the time into it.

Start Your Own Business

An entrepreneur I know once said, “There are no shortcuts. be prepared to do what it takes.” I’ll never forget those words, because they perfectly exemplify the simple truth behind following your dreams.

Each one of us has an idea for an invention, something that will change our lives and the lives of others. But most of us will never take the first step to making that idea into a reality. Why? Because the most important words here are “idea” and “the first step”. Very rarely does anyone ever successfully finish something that wasn’t started years before.

Leap of faith! The best way to test your idea is to introduce it to the world. But start small “ start with 5 real people who can help you; do not be afraid that your dream isn’t ready. It’s your dream. Start it!

There are many options for small steps you can take today to start you on your path to owning your own business.


Ally Investment

I am a full-time employee/administrative assistant with no major car expenses.


Most people like to travel, and you can get a great return on investment when you do it. If you have a little money to spare, you can make it go further and take a trip that will be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

One option is to pay for others to go on vacation. You know that you’re in good company when you’re in a luxury hotel with a family. If you’re out of college and your family can’t afford to travel, consider offering to pay for them to go with you.

Index Funds, Baby!

Your Debt

Is Costing You Hundreds of Dollars Each Month!

Not having any debt seems like a foreign concept to most of us. But it’s more than possible to break the debt cycle, and there’s intelligent ways to pay back your debt rather than the typical actions like just paying minimum payments.


If you want to help others, then donating to charity is a good way to accomplish that.

Donating to a charity that is very near and dear to you is likely to make you feel the satisfaction of helping someone.

Donating regularly is also a good way to build a rapport with those who are helped by the charity.

Your Thrift Savings Plan

Roth IRA

Or Regular IRA?

Start a Blog

Starting a blog isn’t what it used to be. It’s been said that if you can afford the domain name, you can afford and should launch your blog today.

Here are the basic steps you will need to follow to have a successful blog.

Choose a Name

Choose a domain name that will be easy to remember and easy to spell because that’s how people will find you. It’s important that you choose a domain name that is not in use by anyone else. Domain parking is a cheap way to buy a domain but it’s not going to help you gain anything. Choose a Premium domain and purchase it for life.

Wait up to 24 hours after your purchase for the domain name to start working. In the meantime, get your website content ready to go. If you have a domain name already then get your blog online.

Register Your Blog with Google

If you haven’t purchased the domain name already then you will need to get online to register your blog name with Google. Follow these steps to register your new web address with Google.

Choose a Theme

If you have your blogger website ready then choose a theme for the blog that appeals to you.

Online Courses

There are lots of great online courses that will help you to learn a variety of skills, including programming languages like Python, JavaScript, or Ruby, plus topics like SEO, becoming an entrepreneur, making money with social media, and more.

Since a lot of these courses are offered in multiple places, I’d like to give some specific recommendations.

If you’re interested in startups and launching your own business someday, I’d highly recommend the Startup Engineering course from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. This 15-week course will teach you the skills you need to build your own startup from scratch. That’s actually what I took and Helped me build my first startup.

There are also some great courses on Udemy that cover a range of topics. While I’m not a big fan of buying courses, the fact that they tend to be cheaper than many of the alternatives makes Udemy a good option. If you’re only interested in one or two courses and you’re sure they’ll be worth your time, that’s a good site to know.

Your Marriage

Has Been OK for a While But There’s No Spark Anymore. What Should You Do?

If you are feeling there’s no fun or spark in your marriage, try these activities.

Draw a treasure map and escape to your room.

My friend and he draw a treasure map for their kids. They hid their toys and treasure on the map and played hide and seek with their kids.

Appreciate the one that you have.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we’re so busy that we can’t be thankful for that person we’re with.

Take a picture of the two of you and write down 5 things that you like about him or her.

You don’t see the effect of writing them down and holding them. You will be surprised.

Do a long drive in a weekend for a date.

If your kids and work is not giving you much time, plan a weekend drive for you and your sweetheart. Just take a long drive. Take some music and pack a picnic.

Play with puppies or kittens together.

Kids can join you too (if you’re not allergic). Take some time to play with them together.

Resolve your differences by communicating.

Investments You Should Avoid

Stock market always remains one of the main places for investing money. But there are some investments that you should never have in your portfolio. So we are going to discuss the investments you should avoid.

Don’t invest all your money in real estate: Investing in the real estate is controversial and some people avoid it entirely. But the reality is that, there are some cases when there is nothing better than investing in the property. But only buy properties when you have a plan to rent out the property.

Don’t invest money in things you know nothing about: The one of the reasons is that you end up losing your money. Some people who don’t have any idea about what they are doing end up getting into the stocks which are worthless and finally they end up losing everything. This is a thing to avoid.

Dividend reinvestment plans: The reason is that this plan has some hidden fees and costs and you end up losing the value of the money you invest.

Don’t invest in the stock of a company you don’t know: The reason is that you don’t want to be like the investors who lost all the money because they invested dollar in the company which ended in bankruptcy.

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are not a stock market game for rookies. It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of investment that should be approached with caution.

Here are some of the risks associated with penny stock trading:

  • Major drops in share price
  • Share-price manipulation
  • Difficulty accessing information

Despite these risks, I still believe that it’s worth playing the penny stock market game if you know what you’re doing.

In this post, I’ll provide you with 20 penny stock ideas.

Get-Rick-Quick Schemes

There is no magic way to earn money quickly. Slow and steady wins the race. The trick is to develop your skills such that you can command a higher salary, offer more value to your employer, or make more money with the skills you have. You earn money by giving value. Value comes from your mastery of a skill.

Anything From a Late-Night Infomercial

The 20 ways to use your 100 dollars could be the difference in your growing up to be self-sufficient, or your continually living off your parent’s dole.

Whenever you make money, you should always have at least the next couple of weeks’ worth of expenses, in the bank, ready to spend…and the extra you should have, already budgeted for, invested in something that’s guaranteed to give your at least a 10% return. That will allow you to always be able to cover your expenses.

Make no mistake. Investing is NOT a game, it’s an art. Wether it’s investing in yourself by going to college, or investing in your future by saving for retirement and your kids’ education, it’s not something that should be done impetuously.

I have 20 simple ideas for investing 100 dollars that I would pick out of if I was just getting started at investment.

Here they are…


If you’re going to gamble, look for a site that’s reputable. You’ll want to focus on US-friendly sites that are not loaded with pop-ups and ads and that offer a fair game, as well as secure customer services. Site such as DeucesCracked, which offers Texas Hold'em, Blackjack and other table games.

Investments You Don’t Understand

Buying investments or financial products can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. There are plenty of companies that sell mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even options and other derivatives. Some of these options are sold directly to consumers while others are sold by financial advisors.

Before buying any investments, it’s important to ask some questions to ensure that they’re appropriate for your needs. Here are some of the key questions you should ask before investing in the following four types of products.

Mutual Funds

What do you invest in?

Mutual funds are collections of stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets that are professionally managed by an investment company. You should find out what kinds of investments your fund holds. Some funds choose to invest in only one type of asset class, such as stocks or bonds, while others diversify across several asset classes. The latter funds tend to have more risk than the first but also tend to provide higher returns over time.

How do you earn money?

Mutual funds typically earn money based on the performance of their assets. The price of a mutual fund fluctuates based on the performance of the assets that it owns. So a fund that owns stocks is likely to go up and down with the fluctuations of the market.

Keepsake “Investments”

Everyone needs a few favorite treasures for their person. Not only are they fun, but they help bring back memories. You can use these as a way to help remind yourself of the many fun experiences in your past.

For any of these ideas, invest in something that will last for years. If you are going to buy an item, it should be something that will make you smile several times during the year.

Whether it’s a custom coffee mug in the shape of an animal or a DVD of a favorite movie, you will cherish these in the same way you do a photo of a loved one.

Want To Invest More?

Taking that first initial investment is the hardest because it’s always a mental leap for people to actually invest money in something. Mutual funds are an excellent way to start investing without making that leap.

Mutual funds are investments that pool money from many people into one fund. This allows for professionally managed investment with a lot less work and research on the part of the investor. These funds frequently have many different types of investments, so you can diversify your portfolio. And, because mutual funds are professionally managed, you can even hold your mutual fund in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. If you're looking for a start to investing, consider this option.

Along with the experts are the novices. If investing is something new to you, a good gateway into the complex world of investing can be starting out with a simple type of investment. Stocks and bonds are a simple type of investment that can show you how the stock market can affect your money and how interest payments can serve as a return on your investment. This is the type of investment that Warren Buffet started with. If you're just getting started with investing, try these out.

Keep On Investing!